Kentucky vs. DePaul

- Wednesday, December 10 1947 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 74 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Cliff Barker624414
Joe Holland40128
Alex Groza600112
Ken Rollins02322
Ralph Beard4911217
Dale Barnstable30026
Kenton Campbell00020
Jim Line423310
Jack Parkinson01101
Albert Cummins01221
James Jordan00100
Wallace Jones11203

DePaul - 50 (Head Coach: Ray Meyer)
Edwin Kachan20354
Gordon Gillespie00000
Ed Mikan20114
George Leddy32458
Charles Allen01111
Art Stevens01111
Andrew Federinko469214
John Phelan00220
Sammy Vukovich22216
Tom Niemara500210
Ed Kassner10002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 32, DePaul 17
Officials: Bowser Chest and John Dromo
Arena: Jefferson County Armory
References: Lexington Herald and DePaul University

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Joe Holland (#14) and Cliff Barker (#23) fight DePaul's Gordon Gillespie for the ball

Ralph Beard jumps to grab the ball in front of DePaul's Andy Feredrink (#11) and Chick Allen

Alex Groza and Kenny Rollins (#26) jockey with DePaul players for a rebound.

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