Kentucky vs. Notre Dame

- Saturday, February 2 1952 -

(at Chicago, IL)

Kentucky - 71 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 1st by AP]
Lou Tsioropoulos21255
Lucian Whitaker00000
Gayle Rose00000
Cliff Hagan814517
Frank Ramsey71011524
Bobby Watson626214
Shelby Linville31137
Billy Evans20014

Notre Dame - 66 (Head Coach: John Jordan) - [Unranked]
Joe Bertrand41429
Leroy Leslie922520
John Neumayr00010
Dick Rosenthal1056225
Jim Gibbons13655
Jerry McClosky31127
William Sullivan00140
Norb Lewinski00100

Halftime Score: Notre Dame 39, Kentucky 33
Officials: Joe Conway and Jim Beiersdorfer
Attendance: 15,965
Arena: Chicago Stadium
References: Lexington Herald, Notre Dame and Chicago Tribune

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Game Writeup - by Wilfrid Smith, Chicago Tribune

Cliff Hagan (#6) looks on as Notre Dame and UK players fight for the ball

Notre Dame's Dick Rosenthal shoots while Lou Tsioropoulos (#16) begins to block out Leroy Leslie

Notre Dame's Jack Stephens and Joe Bertrand (#8) reachs for the ball as does Kentucky's Lou Tsioropoulos (#16) and Bobby Watson (#38). Looking on are Note Dame's Leroy Leslie (#17), Jim Gibbons (#7) and UK's Cliff Hagan (#6)

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