John Head
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 25 | Overall UK Losses: 15 | Win % 62.5 |
Date of Birth: January 7, 1895
Date of Death: December 28, 1971
Hometown: Louisville, KY

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
2/16/1922Clemson at KentuckyW38 - 14--101100-John Head (Louisville)
2/20/1922Centre College at KentuckyW40 - 23--9800-John Head (Louisville)
1/22/1923Tenn-Chattanooga at KentuckyW25 - 18--41200-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/3/1923Georgia at KentuckyL19 - 23--81200-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/7/1923Centenary at KentuckyL21 - 28--7900-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/10/1923Tennessee at KentuckyL23 - 28--161400-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/15/1923Clemson at KentuckyL13 - 30--51000-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/19/1923Georgetown College at KentuckyL21 - 45--9900-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/23/1923Sewanee at KentuckyW30 - 14--101400-John Head (Louisville)
1/8/1924Mexico City YMCA at KentuckyW25 - 14--3400-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
1/12/1924Kentucky at Georgetown CollegeW32 - 24----00-John Head (Louisville)
1/14/1924Mississippi A & M at KentuckyL16 - 17--41400-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
1/15/1924Sewanee at KentuckyW50 - 15--91000-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/4/1924West Virginia at KentuckyW24 - 21--71200-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/14/1924Virginia at KentuckyW29 - 16--101000-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/19/1924Virginia Tech at KentuckyW36 - 14----00-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/23/1924Georgia Tech at KentuckyW33 - 27--8800-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
12/18/1924Indiana at KentuckyL18 - 20----00-Referee - John Head (Louisville) and Umpire - Stanley Feezle (Indianapolis)
12/20/1924Michigan at KentuckyL11 - 21--9900-Referee - John Head (Louisville) and Umpire - Ed Krueck (Cincinnati)
1/9/1925Mississippi at KentuckyW26 - 2310681210UK for calling timeout they didn't haveJohn Head (Louisville)
1/10/1925Georgetown College at KentuckyW25 - 17535700-John Head (Louisville) and Burke
1/30/1925Washington & Lee at KentuckyW28 - 2210671410-John Head (Louisville)
2/2/1925West Virginia at KentuckyW29 - 191013171302-John Head (Louisville)
2/12/1925Tulane at KentuckyW29 - 22116111900-John Head (Louisville)
2/14/1925Kentucky at Georgetown CollegeW36 - 219691200-John Head (Louisville)
2/18/1925Tennessee at KentuckyW26 - 21----00-John Head (Louisville)
12/19/1925DePauw at KentuckyL29 - 384---10-John Head (Louisville)
1/5/1926Kentucky at IndianaL23 - 34678800-Referee - Stanley Feezle and Umpire - John Head
1/9/1926Berea at KentuckyW37 - 231213221611-John Head (Louisville)
1/16/1926Georgia Tech at KentuckyW25 - 2481011901-Referee - John Head (Louisville)
2/1/1926Alabama at KentuckyW27 - 1681013802-John Head (Louisville)
2/8/1926Auburn at KentuckyW35 - 2689101210-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - John Head (Louisville)
2/18/1926Tennessee at KentuckyW27 - 211217181402-Referee - John Head (Louisville) and Umpire - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/20/1926Vanderbilt at KentuckyW30 - 201110141200-Referee - John Head (Louisville) and Umpire - Charley Harrington (Cincinnati)
12/21/1926Indiana at KentuckyL19 - 38--10900-Referee - Stanley Feezle and Umpire - John Head
12/31/1926Princeton at KentuckyL26 - 30715181102-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - John Head (Louisville)
2/11/1927Mississippi at KentuckyL17 - 37----00-John Head (Louisville)
2/19/1927Tennessee at KentuckyL21 - 30----00-John Head (Lousiville)
1/4/1928Berea at KentuckyW37 - 16968900-John Head (Louisville)
2/4/1928Kentucky at IndianaL29 - 4898--00-Referee - Stanley Feezle (Indianapolis) and Umpire - John Head (Louisville)

Obituary - Louisville Courier-Journal (December 31, 1971)

Biography - Silenced Whistle by Clarence Royalty (Kentucky High School Athlete, December 1950)

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