Kentucky at Indiana

- Saturday, February 4 1928 -

Kentucky - 29 (Head Coach: John Mauer) - [Final Rank ]
Paul Jenkins2014
Irvine Jeffries53113
Cecil Combs2004
Stanley Milward0010
Lawrence McGinnis1123
Paul McBrayer1325
Hays Owens0020

Indiana - 48 (Head Coach: Everett Dean)
Elmo Wells4028
James Strickland91019
Branch McCracken (*)3319
Robert Correll1032
James Gill0000
Douglas Scheid0121
Maurice Starr1002
Donald Cooper2105
Edward Benzel1002

Halftime Score: Indiana 18, Kentucky 14
Officials: Referee - Stanley Feezle (Indianapolis) and Umpire - John Head (Louisville)
Arena: Indiana Fieldhouse (Old)
References: Chicago Tribune, Lexington Herald, Indiana University, Indiana University Basketball, Louisville Courier-Journal and Indianapolis Star

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Game Writeup - Lexington Herald Indiana Wins - Chicago Tribune

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