Indiana at Kentucky

- Saturday, December 18 1965 -

UKIT Championship

Indiana - 56 (Head Coach: Lou Watson) - [Unranked]
Butch Joyner193733459
Gary Grieger2448343511
Franklin Everett81200102
Vernon Payne372900444
Max Walker221524304
Jack Johnson321811703
William Russell173711217
Irvin Inniger110311201
Gary Lienberger164700428
Richard Schrumpf41111213
Larry Turpen71322124
Vernon Pfaff30000000

Kentucky - 91 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Larry Conley31412554313
Pat Riley338195715321
Thad Jaracz274102310210
Louie Dampier351223443328
Tommy Kron27580011010
Jim LeMaster100212101
Cliff Berger112401214
Gene Stewart70022202
Steve Clevenger50101100
Bob Tallent30000200
Gary Gamble20000000
Brad Bounds90522212

Halftime Score: Kentucky 52, Indiana 24
Officials: James Lennon and Steve Honzo (assumed due to fact Strauthers and Stout reffed Air Force/California game)
Attendance: 12,000
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Chicago Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal and Indiana University

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Thad Jaracz (#55) shoots his hook over a Hoosier defender

Pat Riley wins the tap

Thad Jaracz tries to block an Indiana shot

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