Incomplete Officials

This lists games where one or more of the officials is noted but does not have a biographical page available.
(Note that there is also a list of games were absolutely no information about officials is available.)

Officials Information
11/27/2002GonzagaW80 - 72UK Official Wildcat Website(NP) (GA)Art McDonald, Jim Copenhaver and Dave Maracich
3/16/2000St. BonaventureW85 - 80 2 OTESPN Sportszone and UK Media Guide
(NP) (GA)Rick Hartzell, Joseph Pescitelli and Mike Thibodeaux
12/10/1997CanisiusW81 - 54UK Media Guide(NP) (GA)John Cahill, Jim Hunter and Joe Mingle
11/26/1997MissouriW77 - 55UK Media Guide(NP) (GA)Tim Higgins, Joe DeMayo and Milt Stowe
11/28/1996SyracuseW87 - 53UK Media Guide, Syracuse University and Lexington Herald-Leader
(NP) (GA)James Leitch, Terry Nobels and Mark Reischling
3/18/1994Tennessee StateW83 - 70UK Media Guide, Lexington Herald-Leader, Louisville Courier-Journal and UK Official Boxscore
(NP) (GA)Phil Bova, Mike Sanzere and Paul Kaster
2/13/1993Notre DameW81 - 62UK Media Guide, Cawood on Kentucky, Louisville Courier-Journal and UK Official Boxscore
(NP) (GA)Sam Lickliter, Mike Wilde and Norm Nelson
11/25/1988IonaW56 - 54UK Media Guide and Iona College
(NP) (GA)Gary Holtz, Blaine Sylveste and Bob Simpson
12/24/1983IllinoisW56 - 54Chicago Tribune, Lexington Herald-Leader, University of Illinois and UK Media Guide
(NP) (GA)Bob Hiltebran; Charlie Due and Bill Mitze [Note, these high school officials were pulled from the stands when the regular referees were stranded due to snow.]
11/28/1981AkronW83 - 64Lexington Herald-Leader and UK Official Boxscore
(NP) (GA)Ormond Brown, Robert Hartsfield and Alan Finnegan
3/9/1980Florida StateW97 - 78The Encyclopedia of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Lexington Herald-Leader, Florida State University and UK Official Boxscore
(NP) (GA)Larry Lembo, John Alderton and John Hannon
3/7/1979ClemsonL67 - 68 OTNew York Times, Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald and UK Official Boxscore
(NP) (GA)Jim Harvey (Southwest Conference) and Joe Thomas (Southwest Conference)
2/28/1976MississippiW94 - 87Lexington Herald-Leader, Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Mississippi
(NP) (GA)Dock Wecko and Bill Bennett
2/25/1974FloridaL65 - 75Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Florida
(NP) (GA)Julius Sneed and Smith
12/5/1959Southern CaliforniaL73 - 87Los Angeles Times and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Max Macon and Joe Frivaldsky
12/30/1958IllinoisW76 - 75Chicago Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Illinois, Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)John McPherson and Bob Lowell
3/21/1958TempleW61 - 60The Classic, Philadelphia Inquirer and Temple University
(NP) (GA)John Morrow and Al Mercer
12/20/1957West VirginiaL70 - 77Lexington Herald, West Virginia University and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)James Enright and George Ellis
2/23/1957AlabamaW79 - 60Lexington Herald-Leader and University of Alabama
(NP) (GA)Max Macon and W.P. O'Brien
2/15/1957Loyola (Chicago)W115 - 65Chicago Tribune, Lexington Herald, Loyola University of Chicago and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Paul Biebel and Don Henderson
2/19/1955DePaulW76 - 72Chicago Tribune, Lexington Herald-Leader and DePaul University
(NP) (GA)Max Macon and Jim Conway
1/21/1952Georgia TechW96 - 51Louisville Courier-Journal, Georgia Institute of Technology, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Bowser Chest and Paul McCoy
2/13/1951XavierW78 - 51Louisville Courier-Journal, Cincinnati Enquirer, Lexington Herald, Xavier University and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Max Macon and Ross Dean
1/31/1951Louisiana StateW81 - 59Lexington Herald and Louisiana State University
(NP) (GA)Wilson and Parks
12/1/1950West Texas StateW73 - 43Lexington Herald, Amarillo (TX) Daily News and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Max Macon and Smith
3/26/1949Oklahoma A&MW46 - 36The Classic, Lexington Herald-Leader and Spokane (WA) Semi-Weekly Spokesman-Review
(NP) (GA)Cliff Ogden and Albert Curtis
12/29/1948TulaneW78 - 47New Orleans Times-Picayune, Tulane University, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Bowser Chest and James Hughes
1/12/1948OhioW79 - 57Lexington Herald, Ohio University and Newark (OH) Advocate and American Tribune
(NP) (GA)Bob Colburn (Ohio State) and Dale Rose (Capital)
2/19/1946OhioW60 - 52Lexington Herald and Ohio University
(NP) (GA)Harry Schwab (Ohio Wesleyan) and Harvey Schwab (Western Maryland) [Brothers]
2/19/1945OhioW61 - 38Lexington Herald, Cincinnati Enquirer and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Harry Schwab (Ohio Wesleyan) and Earl Young (Ohio State)
12/26/1944WyomingW50 - 46Lexington Herald, University of Wyoming Sports Information Department and Philadelphia Inquirer
(NP) (GA)Pat Kennedy and Al Todd
2/4/1944DePauwW38 - 35Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader and DePauw Sports Information Department
(NP) (GA)Referee - Dan Tehan (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Dan Townsend (Indianapolis)
12/28/1943Carnegie TechW61 - 14Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader and Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle
(NP) (GA)Lieutenant Vince McNamara and Chuck Lyman
12/20/1943IllinoisL41 - 43Chicago Tribune, Lexington Herald and University of Illinois
(NP) (GA)Nate Messenger (N.Y.U.) and Frank Haas (Chicago)
12/11/1943IndianaW66 - 41Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald and Indiana University
(NP) (GA)Earl Townsend (Michigan) [Note: Dan Tehan failed to show up]
2/7/1942Notre DameL43 - 46Lexington Herald-Leader, Notre Dame, Chicago Tribune and South Bend (IN) Tribune
(NP) (GA)Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Fred Spurgeon (Valparaiso)
1/20/1942Georgia TechW63 - 53Lexington Herald, Georgia Institute of Technology and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - George Cade
12/21/1939ClemsonW55 - 31Lexington Herald, Clemson University, Clemson University Taps Yearbook and Ashville Citizen-Times
(NP) (GA)Referee - Percy Caldwell (Clemson) and Umpire - Jack Alexander (Duke)
12/21/1934TulaneW38 - 9Lexington Herald, Tulane University and New Orleans Picayune
(NP) (GA)Carl Lind (Tulane) and Oakes (Tulane)
2/11/1933Georgia TechW45 - 22Lexington Herald and Georgia Institute of Technology
(NP) (GA)Referee - Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Umpire - Crowley (Notre Dame)
1/21/1931VanderbiltW42 - 37Lexington Herald, Vanderbilt University and Nashville Tennessean
(NP) (GA)Referee - Jim Kevin and Umpire - Josh Hughes
1/26/1929AlabamaL26 - 27Lexington Herald, University of Alabama and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)McMillan (Cincinnati)
1/21/1927TennesseeL14 - 19Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TN) Journal and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Barnes (Sewanee)
2/12/1926TennesseeW51 - 17Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Journal, Lexington Leader and Paducah (KY) News-Democrat
(NP) (GA)Williams (Y.M.C.A.)
2/7/1925GeorgiaL24 - 28Atlanta Journal, University of Georgia, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Referee - Dave Yates (Atlanta Athletic Club) and Timer - Bill White (Mercer)
2/5/1925AlabamaL15 - 24Kentucky Kernel, University of Alabama, Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader and Montgomery (AL) Advertiser
(NP) (GA)McDonald (Alabama)
1/17/1925Centre CollegeW33 - 26Lexington Herald, Kentucky Kernel and Danville Messenger
(NP) (GA)Shanks (Cincinnati)
1/10/1925Georgetown CollegeW25 - 17Lexington Herald, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and The Georgetonian
(NP) (GA)John Head (Louisville) and Burke
1/6/1925WabashL10 - 57Crawfordsville Journal, Lexington Herald, Wabash College and Lafayette (IN) Journal and Courier
(NP) (GA)Lee Sinclair (Crawfordsville)
1/19/1924Tenn-ChattanoogaW24 - 23Lexington Herald, Kentucky Kernel and Chattanooga Times
(NP) (GA)Harbison
2/13/1922VirginiaL30 - 32 OTLexington Herald and University of Virginia
(NP) (GA)Sanborn (Dartmouth)
2/4/1922Centre CollegeW28 - 21Lexington Herald, Kentucky Advocate and Danville Messenger
(NP) (GA)Jameson / Jamison (Indianapolis)
1/18/1922VanderbiltL12 - 22Lexington Herald, Vanderbilt University, Kentucky Kernel and Nashville Tennessean
(NP) (GA)Referee - Blair
2/28/1920TennesseeW34 - 26Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee and Knoxville (TN) Journal and Tribune
(NP) (GA)Mays (Tennessee)
2/27/1920TennesseeL25 - 28Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee, Kentucky Kernel and Knoxville Journal and Tribune
(NP) (GA)Reeder and Majors
2/14/1920Centre CollegeL15 - 44Lexington Herald, Kentucky Advocate and Kentucky Kernel
(NP) (GA)Adams (Georgetown)
2/15/1919Georgetown CollegeL18 - 22Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader and Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook)
(NP) (GA)Referee - Broadhead
2/6/1919Tenn-ChattanoogaW28 - 25Kentucky Kernel, Chattanooga Times and Chattanooga News
(NP) (GA)Referee - Jim McGaughy and Umpire - Nelson Lawing
1/31/1919CincinnatiL18 - 28Cincinnati Enquirer, Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati and Kentucky Kernel
(NP) (GA)Referee - King
2/9/1918Kentucky WesleyanT21 - 21Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, Kentucky Kernel and Winchester Daily Democrat
(NP) (GA)Referee - Burr (Kentucky Wesleyan)
1/24/1918Georgetown CollegeW22 - 18Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Referee - Halas (University of Illinois)
1/16/1915MaryvilleW37 - 17Lexington Herald, The Idea, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Derrill Hart (Kentucky State) and Stanley (Maryville)
3/3/1914LouisvilleW26 - 13Lexington Leader, University of Louisville and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Matthews
1/19/1912Miami (OH)W31 - 14Lexington Leader, Miami (OH) University, The Idea and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Richard Webb and Umpire - F.W. Stone
2/23/1911ButlerW21 - 16Lexington Leader, Butler Sports Information, Butler Yearbook, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - J.O. Van Meter (Lexington YMCA) and Umpire - Richenbach (Butler)
2/17/1911Georgetown CollegeW47 - 22Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, The Idea and Georgetown Times
(NP) (GA)Referee - Robert Hinton (Georgetown) and Umpire - H.A. Babb (State University)
3/5/1910Central UniversityL13 - 31Lexington Herald, Kentucky Advocate and The Idea
(NP) (GA)M. Beal Banks (Danville) and Hogan (State) [Note; Banks and Hogan alternated as referee and umpire]
2/10/1910Rose PolytechnicL11 - 52Lexington Leader, Rose Technic, Rose Hulman Sports Information Department, Indianapolis News and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Diddle (Wabash); Timer - Hathaway
2/9/1910DePauwL16 - 28DePauw Mirage Yearbook and Indianapolis News
(NP) (GA)Referee - Diddle (Wabash); Timekeeper - Clark (Indiana)
2/7/1910CincinnatiL17 - 47Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati, Lexington Herald and Cincinnati Enquirer
(NP) (GA)Referee - Schroetter (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Fox (Kentucky State)
1/22/1910Georgetown CollegeW31 - 11Lexington Leader, Lexington Herald, The Georgetonian, The Idea and Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook)
(NP) (GA)Referee - Robert Hinton (Georgetown) and Umpire - Wilson (State College)
3/7/1908Central UniversityL10 - 29Kentucky Advocate, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Referee - Robert Hinton (Georgetown) and Umpire - Frank (Lexington YMCA)
2/22/1908Louisville ColiseumL18 - 30Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald and Louisville Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Jameson; Timers - Schultz and Forest Moss and Scorer- William Seelbach
2/4/1908Kentucky UniversityW20 - 15Lexington Leader, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Leo Brewer; Bacon Moore; Scorer- E.H. Lewis and Timekeeper - J.S. Lusk and W.J. Sweeney [Note: Brewer and Moore alternated as referee and umpire each half.]
1/25/1908Central UniversityL21 - 32Lexington Herald(NP) (GA)Referee - Leo Brewer and Umpire - Abbott
3/7/1907Kentucky UniversityL5 - 19Lexington Leader, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Referee - Dawson; Umpire - White Guyn
2/21/1907Georgetown CollegeL8 - 19Lexington Leader, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - George Varnell (Kentucky University) and Umpire - Kelner (Georgetown)
2/12/1907Central UniversityL23 - 25 OTKentucky Advocate, Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Arthur Donan (State) and Umpire - Robert Harbison (Central)
1/19/1907Georgetown CollegeW16 - 15Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and Georgetown Times
(NP) (GA)Referee - Carmack; Umpire - Stone; Scorers - Donan, Taylor; Timekeeper - Woodward
1/16/1907Lexington YMCAL17 - 25Lexington Leader, Kentucky Evening Gazette and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Schaffer and Umpire - Stone
2/3/1906Christ Church CincinnatiL24 - 38Lexington Leader(NP) (GA)Referee - Clifford Lucie (Cincinnati); E.A. Davis (Georgetown); Timekeepers - N.E. Stone and George Baer; Scorekeepers - J.R. Rardon and Sam Bojes
1/20/1906Georgetown CollegeL9 - 34Lexington Leader and Georgetown Times
(NP) (GA)Referee - Wylie Wendt and Umpire - J.P. Kersey
2/22/1905Kentucky UniversityL23 - 33Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Worth Yancey and Montgomery
2/4/1905Kentucky UniversityL1 - 22Lexington Leader(NP) (GA)Referee - Wilson; Umpire - Hayden
1/27/1905Kentucky UniversityW30 - 29Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Karr and Umpire - Montgomery
3/4/1904CincinnatiW25 - 21Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Armstrong; Umpire - Andrews and Scorekeeper- Cleaver and Coffee
2/26/1904Kentucky UniversityL12 - 14Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Montgomery and Umpire - Wallace
2/4/1904Georgetown CollegeL11 - 26Lexington Leader, Georgetown Times and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Leander Andrus; Umpire - Kline; Timekeeper- Goodwin and Bruner and Scorer - Scholtz

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