Doug Shows
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 97 | Overall UK Losses: 41 | Win % 70.2 |
Hometown: Rome, GA
Alma Mater: Southern Mississippi [1991]

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
12/17/1994Kentucky vs. Texas TechW83 - 682226332401Tech's Mark Davis for arguing about non-call; Texas Tech bench for Cory Carr not entering into official scorebookGary Marcum, Mike Thibodeaux and Doug Shows
2/3/1996Florida at KentuckyW77 - 631921271900NoneJohn Clougherty, Gerald Boudreaux and Doug Shows
2/7/1996Kentucky at VanderbiltW120 - 812220202301NoneDon Rutledge, Kerry Sitton and Doug Shows
12/23/1996UNC-Asheville at KentuckyW105 - 51159111700NoneR.T. Day, Phil Robinson and Doug Shows
1/11/1997Kentucky at MississippiL69 - 732220252710Kentucky Bench Andre Pattillo, R.T. Day and Doug Shows
1/18/1997Auburn at KentuckyW77 - 531823301901NoneGene Monje, David Day and Doug Shows
1/24/1998Kentucky at TennesseeW85 - 672421173502Scott Padgett for celebrating after dunk (5:22 in 2nd half); Padgett for asking referee about travel call (4:28 in 2nd half) (ejected) [each called by Doug Shows]Phil Robinson, Doug Shows and Tony Greene
1/11/2000Kentucky at AuburnL63 - 661615161000NoneGerald Boudreaux, Ted Hillary and Doug Shows
2/5/2000South Carolina at KentuckyW76 - 63101618700NoneAndre Pattillo, Doug Shows and Tony Greene
1/16/2001Tennessee at KentuckyW84 - 741723291311NoneJohn Clougherty, Jim Burr and Doug Shows
1/20/2001Kentucky at MississippiL55 - 651815171600NoneAndre Pattillo, Doug Shows and Rick Crawford
2/10/2001Mississippi State at KentuckyW76 - 572221252500NoneDavid Dodge, Doug Shows and Bernard Clinton
2/21/2001Louisiana State at KentuckyW84 - 611212111100NoneBob Donato, Doug Shows and Andre Pattillo
2/28/2001Auburn at KentuckyW90 - 781922302300NoneDoug Shows, J.B. Caldwell and Ed Corbett
3/10/2001Kentucky vs. ArkansasW87 - 781631402101NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Doug Shows
1/5/2002Kentucky at Mississippi StateL69 - 74 OT2313172800MSU Coach Stansbury, UK Coach SmithDoug Shows, Tony Greene and Doug Sirmons
2/23/2002Arkansas at KentuckyW71 - 58121820700NoneDoug Shows, Tom Lopes and Michael Kitts
12/1/2003Kentucky vs. MarshallW89 - 761116201100NoneMike Stuart, Doug Shows and Joe Lindsay
1/17/2004Georgia at KentuckyL57 - 652524223512Steve Newman for intentionally fouling Antwain Barbour, Erik Daniels for fighting (double technical), Georgia coach Dennis Felton for complaining about shot clock call by Doug Shows, Georgia TeamDoug Shows, Tracy Woodson and Jamie Jones
1/20/2004Kentucky at TennesseeW69 - 68 OT3019263600NoneDoug Shows, Tom Lopes and Les Jones
2/29/2004Kentucky at Louisiana StateW70 - 641818211700NoneJohn Clougherty, Doug Shows and J.B. Caldwell
3/12/2004Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW69 - 601616211600NoneDoug Shows, Olandis Poole and Doug Sirmons
11/23/2004Kentucky vs. Ball StateW73 - 53121520400NoneDoug Shows, Joe Lindsay and Bernard Clinton
11/26/2004Georgia State at KentuckyW77 - 59122024400NoneDoug Shows, Bert Smith and Tim Nestor
12/29/2004Campbell at KentuckyW82 - 501618201500NoneDoug Shows, Pat Adams and Jason McNeil
1/12/2005Vanderbilt at KentuckyW69 - 541621211600NoneJohn Clougherty, Doug Shows and Bruce Benedict
2/23/2005Auburn at KentuckyW81 - 731225331502NoneDoug Shows, Tim Clougherty and Tracy Woodson
3/13/2005Kentucky vs. FloridaL53 - 702118212100NoneGerald Boudreaux, Doug Shows and Mike Stuart
12/17/2005Louisville at KentuckyW73 - 611926341800Louisville Coach Pitino for arguing with refereesTony Greene, Doug Shows and Jim Burr
12/30/2005Kentucky vs. OhioW71 - 631718161801NoneDoug Shows, Rick Crawford and J.B. Caldwell
1/10/2006Vanderbilt at KentuckyL52 - 572218182500NoneMike Stuart, Doug Shows and Pat Adams
3/9/2006Kentucky vs. MississippiW71 - 571518201300NoneDoug Shows, Mike Nance and Antinio Petty
12/19/2006Santa Clara at KentuckyW74 - 601119221500NoneDoug Shows, Joe Lindsay and Michael Kitts
1/3/2007Houston at KentuckyW77 - 7091824900NoneTed Valentine, Doug Shows and Pat Adams
1/6/2007Kentucky at MississippiW68 - 581314191400NoneDoug Shows, Pat Adams and Antinio Petty
1/20/2007Vanderbilt at KentuckyL67 - 721716112000NoneDoug Shows, Joe Lindsay and Anthony Jordan
1/28/2007Tennessee at KentuckyW76 - 571817131000NoneDoug Shows, John Cahill and Tim Higgins
2/17/2007Kentucky at AlabamaL61 - 722217212800NoneDoug Shows, Doug Sirmons and Mike Nance
12/18/2007Kentucky at HoustonL69 - 832318163510UK Coach Gillispie (arguing call)Tony Greene, Pat Adams and Doug Shows
12/22/2007Tennessee Tech at KentuckyW69 - 471618192500NoneDoug Shows, Mike Nance and Patrick Evans
1/15/2008Kentucky at Mississippi StateL64 - 692013123310UK Coach GillispieDoug Shows, Anthony Jordan and Rick Crawford
2/9/2008Alabama at KentuckyW62 - 521521261500Alabama Coach Mark Gottfried (arguing call)Doug Shows, Doug Sirmons and Tim Clougherty
3/2/2008Kentucky at TennesseeL60 - 631916192200NoneDoug Shows, Anthony Jordan and J.B. Caldwell
12/22/2008Tennessee State at KentuckyW102 - 581813132300NoneDoug Shows, Mike Roberts and Tracy Woodson
1/10/2009Vanderbilt at KentuckyW70 - 601417191900NoneTed Valentine, Doug Shows and Lee Cassell
1/13/2009Kentucky at TennesseeW90 - 722017202610NoneTony Greene, John Cahill and Doug Shows
2/25/2009Kentucky at South CarolinaL59 - 771621231802NoneDoug Shows, Michael Kitts and Mike Nance
11/30/2009Kentucky vs. UNC-AshevilleW94 - 5782021901UNC Asheville (Williams)Doug Shows, Rick Hartzell and Patrick Evans
12/23/2009Long Beach State at KentuckyW86 - 731422301600Larry Anderson and DeMarcus Cousins for shoving (double technical); Long Beach State coach Dan MonsonDoug Shows, Rick Crawford and Patrick Evans
1/2/2010Louisville at KentuckyW71 - 622130342600Reginald Delk, Jared Swopshire and DeMarcus Cousins for fighting; Jerry Smith and John Wall for thinking bad thoughts (double-technical) [mindreading courtesy of Doug Shows]Tony Greene, Doug Shows and John Cahill
2/6/2010Kentucky at Louisiana StateW81 - 551418231200NoneDoug Shows, Anthony Jordan and Lee Cassell
2/9/2010Alabama at KentuckyW66 - 551423311000NoneDoug Shows, John Cahill and Ed Corbett
2/25/2010South Carolina at KentuckyW82 - 61101420700NoneJoe Lindsay, Doug Sirmons and Doug Shows
11/12/2010East Tennessee State at KentuckyW88 - 651521231900NoneDoug Shows, Lee Cassell and Chuck Jones
1/3/2011Pennsylvania at KentuckyW86 - 621017171600NoneDoug Shows, Bert Smith and Jamie Luckie
1/11/2011Auburn at KentuckyW78 - 541519171500NoneMike Stuart, Doug Shows and Mike Nance
1/18/2011Kentucky at AlabamaL66 - 681817221700NoneDoug Shows, Jamie Luckie and Michael Kitts
1/29/2011Georgia at KentuckyW66 - 601420252100NoneDoug Shows, Mike Eades and Mike Thibodeaux
3/13/2011Kentucky vs. FloridaW70 - 54152229800Kenny Boynton for arguing call to Tony GreeneTony Greene, Doug Shows and Ron Groover
11/15/2011Kentucky vs. KansasW75 - 652025292701NoneMark Whitehead, Doug Shows and Antinio Petty
12/1/2011St. Johns at KentuckyW81 - 591820302701St. Johns D'Angelo HarrisonDoug Shows, Les Jones and Jim Burr
12/22/2011Loyola (MD) at KentuckyW87 - 631725371612Kentucky Coach Calipari [called by Doug Shows]Doug Shows, Pat Adams and Chuck Jones
1/21/2012Alabama at KentuckyW77 - 711827402512NoneDoug Shows, Mike Nance and Doug Sirmons
1/31/2012Tennessee at KentuckyW69 - 44152327700Anthony Davis and Trae Golden for pushing (double-technical)Doug Shows, Antinio Petty and Karl Hess
2/21/2012Kentucky at Mississippi StateW73 - 641017211500Marquis Teague for arguing non-call [called by Doug "Rabbit Ears" Shows]; Anthony Davis for hanging on the rim [called by Doug "Look at Me" Shows]; Arnett Moultrie for trying to trip Terrance Jones Flagrant 1 [called by Bert Smith]; Dee Bost for pushing Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out of bounds Flagrant 1Doug Shows, Ted Valentine and Bert Smith
3/4/2012Kentucky at FloridaW74 - 59910111100NoneTony Greene, Doug Shows and Doug Sirmons
3/31/2012Kentucky vs. LouisvilleW69 - 611416201300NoneDoug Shows, Joe DeRosa and Les Jones
11/21/2012Morehead at KentuckyW81 - 701232411602NoneDoug Shows, Michael Kitts and Garrick Shannon
12/29/2012Kentucky at LouisvilleL77 - 802221232501Kentucky Coach CalipariJohn Cahill, Ed Corbett and Doug Shows
1/12/2013Texas A & M at KentuckyL71 - 831520221710UK Coach Calipari for arguing with Doug ShowsDoug Shows, Patrick Evans and Bruce Benedict
1/22/2013Kentucky at AlabamaL55 - 591913112110NoneDoug Shows, John Cahill and Karl Hess
2/16/2013Kentucky at TennesseeL58 - 882521183131UK Assistant Coach John Robic for pointing out Doug "The Peacock" Shows' blown possession call (ejected); Willie Cauley-Stein for pushing Trae Golden after Golden pushed Cauley-Stein's arm out of the way while Cauley-Stein tried to help up a teammate [called by Shows]; Archie Goodwin and Brandon Lopez for pushing each other Doug Shows, Mark Whitehead and Brian Shey
3/2/2013Kentucky at ArkansasL60 - 732421272910NoneDoug Shows, Lee Cassell and James Barker
11/25/2013Cleveland State at KentuckyW68 - 611728351512Cleveland State's Anton Grady and Aaron Harrison for fighting over a loose ballDoug Shows, James Breeding and Tim Gattis
1/25/2014Georgia at KentuckyW79 - 541917202800NoneDoug Shows, Kevin Fehr and Glenn Tuitt
2/8/2014Kentucky at Mississippi StateW69 - 592118182811NoneDoug Shows, Tony Henderson and Glenn Tuitt
2/18/2014Kentucky at MississippiW84 - 701721301500Aaron Harrison and LaDarius White for pushing each other (double technical) [called by Doug Shows and Rick Hartzell after video review]Doug Shows, Rick Hartzell and Michael Kitts
3/14/2014Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW85 - 672126412411NoneDoug Shows, Joe Lindsay and Glenn Tuitt
3/16/2014Kentucky vs. FloridaL60 - 611922261700NoneTony Greene, Doug Shows and Ron Groover
4/7/2014Kentucky vs. ConnecticutL54 - 601017241000NoneVerne Harris, Joe DeRosa and Doug Shows
11/25/2014Texas Arlington at KentuckyW92 - 441627331101NoneDoug Shows, Lamar Simpson and Sean Casey
12/13/2014North Carolina at KentuckyW84 - 701722311300NoneTony Greene, Pat Adams and Doug Shows
2/7/2015Kentucky at FloridaW68 - 611520221400NoneDoug Shows, Pat Adams and Lee Cassell
2/17/2015Kentucky at TennesseeW66 - 481520211001NoneDoug Shows, Mike Nance and Ron Groover
2/28/2015Arkansas at KentuckyW84 - 671920282501Arkansas' coach Mike Anderson for running onto floor to argue non-callDoug Shows, Olandis Poole and Mike Nance
3/14/2015Kentucky vs. AuburnW91 - 672623353410UK's Tyler Ulis and Auburn's Trayvon Reed for arguingDoug Shows, Mike Nance and Olandis Poole
3/15/2015Kentucky vs. ArkansasW78 - 631722271700Arkansas' Moses Kingsley (hanging on rim)Tony Greene, Doug Shows and Pat Adams
12/12/2015Arizona State at KentuckyW72 - 582024261510NoneTony Greene, Doug Shows and Joe Lindsay
12/26/2015Louisville at KentuckyW75 - 731921252200Kentucky coach John Calipari for arguing call [called by both Doug Shows and Pat Adams]. Louisville coach Rick Pitino for arguing call [called by Doug Shows]Doug Shows, Pat Adams and Mike Roberts
1/5/2016Kentucky at Louisiana StateL67 - 852517233020LSU Coach Johnny JonesDoug Shows, Pat Adams and Joe DeRosa
11/15/2016Kentucky vs. Michigan StateW69 - 48162020900NoneDoug Shows, Terry Oglesby and Gene Steratore
12/3/2016UCLA at KentuckyL92 - 972224272102NoneDoug Shows, John Higgins and Byron Jarrett
1/7/2017Arkansas at KentuckyW97 - 712031402100Jaylen Barford (for stepping on Isaiah Briscoe) and De'Aaron Fox (for trying to protect his teammate from being stepped on) (double technical) [called by Doug Shows]Doug Shows, Terry Wymer and Alfred Smith
1/28/2017Kansas at KentuckyL73 - 791715221801NoneDoug Shows, Joe DeRosa and Keith Kimble
2/14/2017Tennessee at KentuckyW83 - 581715122410NonePat Adams, Lamar Simpson and Doug Shows
3/4/2017Kentucky at Texas A & MW71 - 632118182501NoneDoug Shows, Vladimir Voyard-Tadal and Brian Shey
3/11/2017Kentucky vs. AlabamaW79 - 742028392002NoneDoug Shows, Tony Greene and Antinio Petty
3/12/2017Kentucky vs. ArkansasW82 - 651522252000Moses Kingsley for arguing call [called by Doug Shows]; Moses Kingsley for flagrant 2 to face of De'Aaron Fox (ejected)Anthony Jordan, Doug Shows and Joe Lindsay
11/17/2017East Tennessee State at KentuckyW78 - 612019151410NoneDoug Shows, Don Daily and Gerald Williams
12/23/2017Kentucky vs. UCLAL75 - 831614161500NoneVerne Harris, Doug Shows and Jeffery Clark
1/9/2018Texas A & M at KentuckyW74 - 731825342400NoneDoug Shows, Chuck Jones and Darron George
2/14/2018Kentucky at AuburnL66 - 762117202800NoneDoug Shows, Jeffrey Anderson and Kipp Kissinger
3/3/2018Kentucky at FloridaL67 - 801720222000NoneDoug Shows, Don Daily and Byron Jarrett
3/10/2018Kentucky vs. AlabamaW86 - 631822281510NoneDoug Shows, Tony Greene and Todd Austin
3/11/2018Kentucky vs. TennesseeW77 - 721921242011NoneJoe Lindsay, Doug Shows and Anthony Jordan
11/6/2018Kentucky vs. DukeL84 - 1182526382910NoneRon Groover, Doug Shows and Jeffery Clark
11/28/2018Monmouth at KentuckyW90 - 441621231611NoneDoug Shows, Vladimir Voyard-Tadal and Gerald Williams
12/15/2018Utah at KentuckyW88 - 61101512800NoneDoug Shows, Randy McCall and Chuck Jones
1/5/2019Kentucky at AlabamaL75 - 771516171700NoneDoug Shows, Chuck Jones and Brian Shey
2/2/2019Kentucky at FloridaW65 - 541215161000NoneDoug Shows, Todd Austin and Wil Howard
2/23/2019Auburn at KentuckyW80 - 531012121100NoneDoug Shows, Ron Groover and Jason Baker
3/5/2019Kentucky at MississippiW80 - 761820202211NoneDoug Shows, Steven Anderson and Wil Howard
3/16/2019Kentucky vs. TennesseeL78 - 822018192511UK Bench (John Robic) for yelling at refereeDoug Shows, Don Daily and Steven Anderson
11/12/2019Evansville at KentuckyL64 - 671818251300NoneVladimir Voyard-Tadal, Owen Shortt and Doug Shows
12/21/2019Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL65 - 712516132711NoneDoug Shows, Verne Harris and Eric Curry
2/4/2020Mississippi State at KentuckyW80 - 721425362102John Calipari for arguing call [called by Steven Anderson]Steven Anderson, Doug Sirmons and Doug Shows
2/25/2020Kentucky at Texas A & MW69 - 601816111400NoneSteven Anderson, Todd Austin and Doug Shows
3/7/2020Kentucky at FloridaW71 - 701613111710Kentucky Coach Calipari for coaching box violation [called by Doug Shows]; Kentucky Coach Calipari for arguing calls [called by Doug Shows]Byron Jarrett, Todd Austin and Doug Shows
12/26/2020Kentucky at LouisvilleL59 - 621517221510NoneDoug Shows, Ted Valentine and Ron Groover
1/16/2021Kentucky at AuburnL59 - 662019162110Jacob Toppin for using Auburn player to break his fall after being knocked down from behind by same Auburn player [called by Steven Anderson]; Auburn's Babatunde Akingbola for elbowing Lance Ware in the headSteven Anderson, Terry Oglesby and Doug Shows
2/6/2021Tennessee at KentuckyL71 - 821822191500NonePatrick Evans, Joe Lindsay and Doug Shows
2/17/2021Kentucky at VanderbiltW82 - 782122252822Kentucky for having 6 players on floor [called by Anthony Jordan]Lee Cassell, Anthony Jordan and Doug Shows
12/22/2021Western Kentucky at KentuckyW95 - 601715131900NoneJeffrey Anderson, Joe Lindsay and Doug Shows
1/11/2022Kentucky at VanderbiltW78 - 661413161000NoneTony Greene, Doug Shows and Keith Kimble
1/25/2022Mississippi State at KentuckyW82 - 74 OT2019202301NoneDoug Shows, Patrick Evans and Anthony Jordan
2/15/2022Kentucky at TennesseeL63 - 761815142301Kentucky Coach Calipari for arguing call [called by Mike Roberts]; UK strength coach Rob Harris and Tennessee player Zakai Zeigler for pushing each other (double technical) [called after video review]Doug Shows, Patrick Evans and Mike Roberts
2/26/2022Kentucky at ArkansasL73 - 751713131700NoneDoug Shows, Chuck Jones and Rob Rorke
3/11/2022Kentucky vs. VanderbiltW77 - 711515131000Vandy's Rodney Chatman for arguing non-call [called by Pat Adams]Doug Shows, Pat Adams and Byron Jarrett
3/12/2022Kentucky vs. TennesseeL62 - 691821222510NoneDoug Shows, Pat Adams and Chuck Jones
11/17/2022South Carolina State at KentuckyW106 - 631316231600Jacob Toppin for taunting opponent [called by Vladimir Voyard-Tadal]Doug Shows, Vladimir Voyard-Tadal and Erroll Lewis
1/3/2023Louisiana State at KentuckyW74 - 711115141000NoneDoug Shows, Vladimir Voyard-Tadal and Jeb Hartness
1/21/2023Texas A & M at KentuckyW76 - 671318171601Julius Marble for pushing Oscar Tshiebwe out of bounds; Oscar Tshiebwe Flagrant 1 for hitting Marble in face while running down court after having his arm pulled back by Marble [called after video review]Doug Shows, K.B. Burdett and Courtney Green
1/31/2023Kentucky at MississippiW75 - 661418231010NoneDoug Shows, K.B. Burdett and Byron Jarrett
3/1/2023Vanderbilt at KentuckyL66 - 681222351300Vanderbilt player for flopping; Flagrant 1 for Vanderbilt player knocking Antonio Reeves in head on shot attemptByron Jarrett, Doug Shows and Keith Kimble
1/17/2024Mississippi State at KentuckyW90 - 77918271000NoneDoug Shows, Chuck Jones and Lee Cassell
2/3/2024Tennessee at KentuckyL92 - 1032421192620Kentucky's Rob Dillingham for grabbing ball after dead ball; Kentucky's Aaron Bradshaw and Tennessee's Tobe Awaka for pushing; Tennessee's Jordan Gainey for taunting [all at 12:41 in 2nd half, called after video review]Doug Shows, K.B. Burdett and Vladimir Voyard-Tadal
3/2/2024Arkansas at KentuckyW111 - 1021825422802Arkansas Coach Musselman for arguing non-call; Makhi Mitchell for hitting Aaron Bradshaw in head with elbow; Trevon Brazile and Aaron Bradshaw for arguing (double technical); Davonte Davis and Rob Dillingham for unknown reason (double technical)Doug Shows, Vladimir Voyard-Tadal and Jeb Hartness
3/15/2024Kentucky vs. Texas A & ML87 - 972417223020NoneDoug Shows, Olandis Poole and Owen Shortt

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