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| Overall UK Wins: 22 | Overall UK Losses: 12 | Win % 64.7 |

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
3/2/1996Vanderbilt at KentuckyW101 - 631920262711Antoine Walker (Kentucky), Austin Bates (Vanderbilt)Don Rutledge, Richard Marracino and Rick Crawford
2/19/2000Georgia at KentuckyW70 - 641617201900NoneGerald Boudreaux, Kerry Sitton and Rick Crawford
1/20/2001Kentucky at MississippiL55 - 651815171600NoneAndre Pattillo, Doug Shows and Rick Crawford
2/14/2001Kentucky at TennesseeW103 - 952523263101NoneMike Wood, Rick Crawford and Bryan Kersey
1/15/2002Mississippi at KentuckyW87 - 642621303510NoneGerald Boudreaux, Tim Higgins and Rick Crawford
3/2/2002Florida at KentuckyW70 - 671618231700Florida Coach DonovanGerald Boudreaux, John Clougherty and Rick Crawford
3/8/2002Kentucky vs. South CarolinaL57 - 702321262910NoneRick Crawford, Tom Eades and Tony Greene
1/4/2003Kentucky vs. OhioW83 - 751817212500NoneAndre Pattillo, Bruce Benedict and Rick Crawford
12/27/2003Louisville at KentuckyL56 - 65151691600NoneJohn Clougherty, Ted Valentine and Rick Crawford
1/10/2004Vanderbilt at KentuckyW75 - 631620231300NoneTed Valentine, Rick Crawford and Tim Clougherty
1/15/2005Kentucky at GeorgiaW76 - 551917192100NoneReggie Cofer, Rick Crawford and Mike Nance
12/30/2005Kentucky vs. OhioW71 - 631718161801NoneDoug Shows, Rick Crawford and J.B. Caldwell
1/14/2006Alabama at KentuckyL64 - 682017122300NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Rick Crawford and Mike Nance
1/21/2006South Carolina at KentuckyW80 - 78141341310NoneMike Stuart, Rick Crawford and Carlos Reyes
2/1/2006Kentucky at Mississippi StateW81 - 661816132300NoneMike Stuart, Rick Crawford and J.B. Caldwell
2/11/2006Kentucky at VanderbiltL81 - 841714131900NoneRick Crawford, Bruce Benedict and Antinio Petty
3/1/2006Kentucky at TennesseeW80 - 781716191000NoneTony Greene, Ted Valentine and Rick Crawford
3/11/2006Kentucky vs. South CarolinaL61 - 65131391000NoneMike Stuart, Joe Lindsay and Rick Crawford
12/30/2006Eastern Kentucky at KentuckyW78 - 6581419900NoneRick Crawford, Antinio Petty and Jeff Nichols
1/13/2007Mississippi State at KentuckyW64 - 60121619300NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Rick Crawford and Mike Eades
1/24/2007Kentucky at GeorgiaL69 - 78 OT1714162010NoneTony Greene, Anthony Jordan and Rick Crawford
2/25/2007Kentucky at VanderbiltL65 - 671815111300NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Rick Crawford and Mike Nance
3/8/2007Kentucky vs. AlabamaW79 - 671711142300NoneTony Greene, Rick Crawford and Doug Sirmons
11/21/2007Liberty at KentuckyW80 - 541721201701NoneJoe Lindsay, Rick Crawford and Brent Barnaky
12/29/2007San Diego at KentuckyL72 - 812517243610NoneRick Crawford, Antinio Petty and Lee Cassell
1/15/2008Kentucky at Mississippi StateL64 - 692013123310UK Coach GillispieDoug Shows, Anthony Jordan and Rick Crawford
2/12/2008Kentucky at VanderbiltL52 - 932523253510Kentucky Coach Gillispie (not relinquishing the ball)Mike Stuart, Rick Crawford and Rick Hartzell
2/16/2008Kentucky at Louisiana StateW67 - 631316101000NoneKarl Hess, Rick Crawford and Roger Ayers
3/15/2008Kentucky vs. GeorgiaL56 - 60 OT1722252101Perry Stevenson for swatting free throwTom Eades, Rick Crawford and Doug Sirmons
12/3/2008Lamar at KentuckyW103 - 612321252100Williams, Skylar, Lamar coach, Lamar Assistant Coach, Landon Slone for pushingMike Stuart, Rick Crawford and Jeff Nichols
12/20/2008Kentucky vs. Appalachian StateW93 - 692117202910App. State Eduardo Bermudez for protesting callAntinio Petty, Rick Crawford and Tony Turner
2/21/2009Tennessee at KentuckyW77 - 581815162110Tennessee Coach Pearl for arguing non-callTony Greene, Rick Crawford and Mike Eades
12/23/2009Long Beach State at KentuckyW86 - 731422301600Larry Anderson and DeMarcus Cousins for shoving (double technical); Long Beach State coach Dan MonsonDoug Shows, Rick Crawford and Patrick Evans
3/12/2010Kentucky vs. AlabamaW73 - 671624292302NoneMike Stuart, Rick Crawford and Bert Smith

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