Kerry Sitton
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 32 | Overall UK Losses: 5 | Win % 86.4 |
Hometown: Henderson, TX

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
11/28/1989Ohio at KentuckyW76 - 732123291913Ohio University benchDon Ferguson, David Dodge and Kerry Sitton
12/22/1989Portland at KentuckyW88 - 711623231400NoneDon Rutledge, Kerry Sitton and David Day
1/24/1990Kentucky at AuburnL70 - 74181292000NoneJohn Clougherty, David Day and Kerry Sitton
1/29/1991Kentucky at AuburnW89 - 812320212300NoneJohn Clougherty, David Day and Kerry Sitton
1/7/1992Georgia at KentuckyW78 - 662623253401NoneDavid Day, John Clougherty and Kerry Sitton
1/18/1992Eastern Kentucky at KentuckyW85 - 552116202100EKU's John AllenLarry Ware, Kerry Sitton and Michael Smith
2/19/1992Kentucky at Mississippi StateW89 - 843229414323NoneMichael Smith, David Dodge and Kerry Sitton
12/8/1992Eastern Kentucky at KentuckyW82 - 731923302511NoneAndre Pattillo, Tom Eades and Kerry Sitton
1/5/1993Kentucky at GeorgiaW74 - 592019191800Georgia BenchDon Rutledge, Sean Corbin and Kerry Sitton
1/26/1993Louisiana State at KentuckyW105 - 671920201600LSU Coach Dale Brown for disparaging the other two officials to John Clougherty [called by John Clougherty]; Brown for complaining to referee to call a foul [called by Gene Monje] [ejected]John Clougherty, Kerry Sitton and Gene Monje
2/20/1993Georgia at KentuckyW86 - 702526342900NoneGerald Boudreaux, Mac Chauvin and Kerry Sitton
3/12/1993Kentucky vs. TennesseeW101 - 401817121501NoneGerald Boudreaux, Sean Corbin and Kerry Sitton
12/30/1993Robert Morris at KentuckyW92 - 671823291301NoneGary Marcum, Kerry Sitton and Leroy Richardson
1/15/1994Tennessee at KentuckyW93 - 741520251401NoneDon Rutledge, Kerry Sitton and Les Jones
2/19/1994Kentucky at VanderbiltW77 - 692824343540NoneDon Rutledge, Kerry Sitton and Gerald Boudreaux
2/18/1995Florida at KentuckyW87 - 772220272901NoneGene Monje, Kerry Sitton and Tom Eades
1/6/1996Mississippi at KentuckyW90 - 602529372702NoneRusty Herring, Kerry Sitton and Tony Greene
1/24/1996Kentucky at GeorgiaW82 - 772421233722NoneDon Rutledge, Gerald Boudreaux and Kerry Sitton
2/7/1996Kentucky at VanderbiltW120 - 812220202301NoneDon Rutledge, Kerry Sitton and Doug Shows
2/1/1997Georgia at KentuckyW82 - 572225362800NoneKerry Sitton, Olandis Poole and J.B. Caldwell
2/12/1997Louisiana State at KentuckyW84 - 481212161300NoneTed Hillary, Kerry Sitton and Michael Kitts
2/25/1998Kentucky at AuburnW83 - 582415113200NoneDon Rutledge, Kerry Sitton and Karl Hess
1/9/1999Kentucky at VanderbiltW73 - 57141616401NonePhil Robinson, Kerry Sitton and Michael Kitts
11/29/1999Kentucky vs. DaytonL66 - 681922292000Jamaal MagloireGerald Boudreaux, Kerry Sitton and Gary Maxwell
1/15/2000Kentucky at South CarolinaW64 - 481915122510NoneTed Hillary, Kerry Sitton and Tony Greene
2/19/2000Georgia at KentuckyW70 - 641617201900NoneGerald Boudreaux, Kerry Sitton and Rick Crawford
12/27/2000High Point at KentuckyW102 - 49141725900NoneKerry Sitton, Ray Natili and Les Jones
1/2/2001Kentucky at LouisvilleW64 - 62131611700NoneTim Higgins, Kerry Sitton and Bob Donato
3/9/2001Kentucky vs. South CarolinaW78 - 651521211401NoneAndre Pattillo, Kerry Sitton and Bruce Benedict
11/15/2001Western Kentucky at KentuckyL52 - 642022242000Boyden, BogansTom Eades, Mike Thibodeaux and Kerry Sitton
2/2/2002South Carolina at KentuckyW91 - 741716141500NoneKerry Sitton, Anthony Jordan and Les Jones
2/13/2002Vanderbilt at KentuckyW67 - 591826321402Kentucky - Tubby Smith, Gerald Fitch; Vanderbilt- Corey SmithKerry Sitton, Gary Maxwell and Ray Natili
12/10/2002Kentucky at TulaneW76 - 601515111400NoneGerald Boudreaux, Mike Thibodeaux and Kerry Sitton
12/28/2002Kentucky at LouisvilleL63 - 812022202810NoneKerry Sitton, Mike Thibodeaux and Tony Greene
2/15/2003Louisiana State at KentuckyW68 - 572022251902NoneCarlos Reyes, Gary Maxwell and Kerry Sitton
2/3/2004Kentucky at FloridaW68 - 652026402201NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Kerry Sitton
2/14/2004Kentucky at GeorgiaL68 - 742725213401Daniels (UGA) & Hayes (UK), Wilkins (UGA) & Thomas (UK)John Cahill, Kerry Sitton and Bert Smith

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