Kentucky's Freedom Hall Record

| Kentucky Wins - 60 | Kentucky Losses - 18 |
Location: Louisville, KY
Also Known As: Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center
Capacity: 18,865
Year Opened: 1956
Home Team: Louisville
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Game Results

3/21/1958Kentucky vs. TempleW61 - 6018,586NCAA Final Four (at Louisville, KY)
3/22/1958Kentucky vs. SeattleW84 - 7218,803NCAA Championship (at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1958Kentucky vs. IllinoisW76 - 7518,274(at Louisville, KY)
12/22/1959Kentucky vs. TempleW97 - 928500(at Louisville, KY)
12/7/1960Kentucky vs. Notre DameW68 - 6212,000(at Louisville, KY)
3/17/1961Kentucky vs. MoreheadW71 - 6418,833NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Louisville, KY)
3/18/1961Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL74 - 8717,494NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1961Kentucky vs. Notre DameW100 - 5316,925(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1962Kentucky vs. Notre DameW78 - 7017,101(at Louisville, KY)
12/28/1963Kentucky vs. Notre DameW101 - 8117,000(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1964Kentucky vs. Notre DameL97 - 11117,000(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1965Kentucky vs. Notre DameW103 - 6917,952(at Louisville, KY)
12/31/1966Kentucky vs. Notre DameW96 - 8517,137(at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1967Kentucky vs. Notre DameW81 - 7317,137(at Louisville, KY)
12/28/1968Kentucky vs. Notre DameW110 - 9018,000(at Louisville, KY)
12/27/1969Kentucky vs. Notre DameW102 - 10017,395(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1970Kentucky vs. Notre DameL92 - 9917,245(at Louisville, KY)
12/11/1971Kentucky vs. IndianaL89 - 90 2 OT17,269(at Louisville, KY)
12/28/1971Kentucky vs. Notre DameW83 - 6717,269(at Louisville, KY)
12/11/1972Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL70 - 7816,000(at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1972Kentucky vs. Notre DameW65 - 6317,000(at Louisville, KY)
12/8/1973Kentucky vs. IndianaL68 - 7716,613(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1973Kentucky vs. Notre DameL79 - 9416,613(at Louisville, KY)
12/9/1974Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW90 - 7813,000(at Louisville, KY)
12/23/1974Kentucky vs. KansasW100 - 6313,000(at Louisville, KY)
12/28/1974Kentucky vs. Notre DameW113 - 9616,487(at Louisville, KY)
12/15/1975Kentucky vs. IndianaL68 - 77 OT16,615(at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1975Kentucky vs. Notre DameW79 - 7716,615(at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1976Kentucky vs. Notre DameW102 - 7816,613(at Louisville, KY)
2/7/1977Kentucky vs. Florida StateW97 - 5716,615(at Louisville, KY)
12/31/1977Kentucky vs. Notre DameW73 - 6816,869(at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1978Kentucky vs. Notre DameW81 - 7616,869(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1979Kentucky vs. Notre DameW86 - 8016,613(at Louisville, KY)
12/27/1980Kentucky vs. Notre DameL61 - 6716,834(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1981Kentucky vs. Notre DameW34 - 28 OT16,843(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1982Kentucky vs. KansasW83 - 6216,834(at Louisville, KY)
12/28/1983Kentucky vs. PurdueW86 - 6716,834(at Louisville, KY)
12/15/1984Kentucky at LouisvilleL64 - 7119,487-
12/31/1984Kentucky vs. KansasW92 - 8918,920(at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1985Kentucky vs. Virginia MilitaryW93 - 5519,450(at Louisville, KY)
12/27/1986Kentucky at LouisvilleW85 - 5119,513-
12/30/1986Kentucky vs. GeorgiaL65 - 6920,053(at Louisville, KY)
1/31/1988Kentucky vs. Notre DameW78 - 6919,502(at Louisville, KY)
12/27/1988Kentucky vs. Austin PeayW85 - 7718,178(at Louisville, KY)
12/31/1988Kentucky at LouisvilleL75 - 9719,502-
12/27/1989Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL110 - 12119,098(at Louisville, KY)
12/21/1990Kentucky vs. Western KentuckyW84 - 7019,075(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1990Kentucky at LouisvilleW93 - 8519,589-
12/12/1991Kentucky vs. MoreheadW101 - 8417,165(at Louisville, KY)
12/12/1992Kentucky at LouisvilleW88 - 6819,663-
1/3/1993Kentucky vs. IndianaW81 - 7820,060(at Louisville, KY)
1/12/1994Kentucky vs. MississippiW98 - 6419,767(at Louisville, KY)
12/7/1994Kentucky vs. IndianaW73 - 7019,825(at Louisville, KY)
1/1/1995Kentucky at LouisvilleL86 - 8819,841-
12/19/1995Marshall at KentuckyW118 - 9919,795(at Louisville, KY)
12/7/1996Kentucky vs. IndianaW99 - 6520,074(at Louisville, KY)
12/31/1996Kentucky at LouisvilleW74 - 5420,075-
1/21/1998Kentucky vs. AlabamaW70 - 6719,734(at Louisville, KY)
12/8/1998Kentucky vs. IndianaW70 - 61 OT20,047(at Louisville, KY)
12/26/1998Kentucky at LouisvilleL74 - 8320,051-
1/5/2000Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW80 - 7118,566(at Louisville, KY)
12/22/2000Kentucky vs. IndianaW88 - 7420,059(at Louisville, KY)
1/2/2001Kentucky at LouisvilleW64 - 6220,061-
1/2/2002Kentucky vs. TulaneW101 - 6716,011(at Louisville, KY)
12/21/2002Kentucky vs. IndianaW70 - 6420,053(at Louisville, KY)
12/28/2002Kentucky at LouisvilleL63 - 8120,061-
12/31/2003Kentucky vs. Austin PeayW61 - 5311,526(at Louisville, KY)
12/11/2004Kentucky vs. IndianaW73 - 5820,084(at Louisville, KY)
12/18/2004Kentucky at LouisvilleW60 - 5820,088-
12/23/2005Iona at KentuckyW73 - 6713,794(at Louisville, KY)
12/5/2006Kentucky vs. Tenn-ChattanoogaW79 - 6311,641(at Louisville, KY)
12/16/2006Kentucky at LouisvilleW61 - 4920,042-
12/15/2007Kentucky vs. Alabama-BirminghamL76 - 7914,241(at Louisville, KY)
12/20/2008Kentucky vs. Appalachian StateW93 - 6910,173(at Louisville, KY)
1/4/2009Kentucky at LouisvilleL71 - 7420,078-
11/30/2009Kentucky vs. UNC-AshevilleW94 - 5715,368(at Louisville, KY)
12/8/2010Kentucky vs. Notre DameW72 - 5817,404SEC/Big East Invitational (at Louisville, KY)
1/3/2012Kentucky vs. Arkansas-Little RockW73 - 5114,747(at Louisville, KY)

Arena High Statistics
(Note: Kentucky games only. Complete statistics may not be available.)

Category#UK Player#Opp Player#UK Game
Opponent (Date)
#Opp Game
Opponent (Date)
Points46Jodie Meeks (12/20/2008)50Austin Carr (12/29/1970)118Marshall (12/19/1995)121North Carolina (12/27/1989)
Rebounds19Kenny Walker (12/31/1984)30Jerry Lucas (3/18/1961)78Notre Dame (12/30/1961)81Notre Dame (12/29/1964)
Assists14John Wall (11/30/2009)13King Rice (*) (12/27/1989)31Marshall (12/19/1995)27Kansas (12/31/1984)
Steals6Anthony Epps (12/19/1995)
John Wall (11/30/2009)
5James Bullock (12/28/1983)
Terrence Williams (1/4/2009)
21Marshall (12/19/1995)
Indiana (12/7/1996)
12Purdue (12/28/1983)
Blocked Shots6Melvin Turpin (12/28/1983)11Samaki Walker (1/1/1995)12Appalachian State (12/20/2008)
Arkansas-Little Rock (1/3/2012)
16Louisville (1/1/1995)
Free Throws17Roger Newman (3/18/1961)14Kelly Tripucka (12/27/1980)32Illinois (12/30/1958)31North Carolina (12/27/1989)
Field Goals16Mike Pratt (12/27/1969)21Austin Carr (12/29/1970)51Notre Dame (12/28/1974)51Notre Dame (12/29/1964)
3pt Field Goals9Jodie Meeks (12/20/2008)7Damon Bacote (1/21/1998)
Keddric Mays (12/5/2006)
Robert Vaden (12/15/2007)
21North Carolina (12/27/1989)14Alabama (1/21/1998)

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