Kentucky vs. Kansas

- Monday, December 23 1974 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 100 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 20th by AP]
Kevin Grevey33101791262129
Bob Guyette1315126403
Rick Robey2429225316
Jimmy Dan Conner318150072416
Mike Flynn2123003014
Jack Givens1512234024
Larry Johnson20681241213
Mike Phillips13551234211
G. J. Smith533001006
James Lee1212134313
Jerry Hale401000000
Merion Haskins523002004
Joey Holland200000000
Reggie Warford201120001

Kansas - 63 (Head Coach: Ted Owens) - [Ranked 18th by AP]
Roger Morningstar2727006314
Norm Cook28110146513
Danny Knight1424005204
Clint Johnson315133423113
Dale Greenlee2949003118
Richard Suttle174103463011
Tommie Smith504002300
Milton Gibson1136003116
Ken Koenigs2015224514
Marc Fletcher812000112
Donnie Von Moore623224106
Chris Barnthouse414000002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 42, Kansas 29
Officials: Don Wedge and Jim Bain
Attendance: 13,000
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Kansas

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James Lee and KU's Clint Johnson both pursue a loose ball

Kevin Grevey is somehow able to recover the loose ball

Merion Haskins scores to get UK to the 100 point mark

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