Kentucky vs. Notre Dame

- Saturday, December 28 1974 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 113 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 17th by AP]
Kevin Grevey39132525832428
Bob Guyette2691100440218
Rick Robey2571200531314
Mike Flynn19160040412
Jimmy Dan Conner3451056614115
Larry Johnson237922323116
Jack Givens3000001000
Merion Haskins8111211003
Mike Phillips147900120014
Jerry Hale3001200111
James Lee2000000010
G. J. Smith2020010000
Reggie Warford1000000000
Dan Hall1110000002

Notre Dame - 96 (Head Coach: Digger Phelps) - [Ranked 13th by AP]
Billy Paterno2671112130315
Adrian Dantley39132513141720239
Peter Crotty3551000440310
Dwight Clay3781400221216
Ray Martin13230023114
Toby Knight16130142042
Jeff Carpenter11020012140
Dave Batton6220010004
Dave Kuzmicz12120001012
Duck Williams3120001012
Randy Haefner1000000000
Bill Drew1110000002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 50, Notre Dame 46
Officials: Burrell Crowell (Southeast Conference) and Bob Showalter (Big Ten)
Attendance: 16,487
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Notre Dame, Lexington Herald and UK Official Boxscore

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Jimmy Dan Conner probes the Irish defense

Kevin Grevey shoots over an Irish defender

Notre Dame's Adrian Dantley is tied up by Rick Robey while Bob Guyette looks on

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