Kentucky vs. North Carolina

- Monday, December 9 1974 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 90 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 15th by AP]
Kevin Grevey3571822651316
Bob Guyette31511001054410
Mike Phillips14250054124
Jimmy Dan Conner37152156444435
Mike Flynn303867302212
Jack Givens11242243006
Rick Robey24380083146
Larry Johnson10001222011
Jerry Hale3000001010
Dan Hall2000030000
James Lee2000101200
Merion Haskins1000000000

North Carolina - 78 (Head Coach: Dean Smith) - [Ranked 9th by AP]
Walter Davis3171335340417
Tommy LaGarde33511221030612
Mitch Kupchak3361059720417
Phil Ford35512810343418
Brad Hoffman27382223138
Mickey Bell11110000212
Ed Stahl11010014040
Bruce Buckley1000000000
John Kuester15250014104
Bill Chambers1000000000
Dave Hanners1010000000
Tom Zaliagiris1000000000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 38, North Carolina 34
Officials: Don Wedge and Jim Burch
Attendance: 13,000
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and UK Official Boxscore

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Rick Robey (#53) fights for a rebound against a UNC player

Jimmy Dan Conner (#20) tips off

Jimmy Dan Conner (#20) drives past UNC's John Kuester

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