Kentucky vs. Notre Dame

- Tuesday, December 28 1971 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 83 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 12th by AP]
Tom Parker38132344164430
Ronnie Lyons3218113143
Larry Stamper2841246142012
Stan Key276160043212
Jim Andrews385136894216
Bob McCowan1215016012
Rick Drewitz1035222008
Ray Edelman600011110
Dan Perry202000100
Darryl Bishop200010000
Elmore Stephens201002000
Greg Smith200000000

Notre Dame - 67 (Head Coach: Digger Phelps) - [Unranked]
Thomas Hansen1112002202
John Egart383104544510
Thomas O'Mara1117012102
Willie Townsend385151180011
Chris Stevens1546001118
Mike Townsend400011000
Don Silinski25212017404
James Regelan1405011300
Gary Novak38112237141025
Thomas McGraw201001100
Jim Hinga200000100
Greg Schmelzer211124003
Ken Wolbeck213001002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 45, Notre Dame 26
Officials: Dick Pace and David Parry
Attendance: 17,269
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Chicago Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal and Notre Dame

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Ronnie Lyons leads the fast break as he's followed by Stan Key (#30) and a Notre Dame player

Larry Stamper (#22) grabs a rebound in front of Notre Dame's Don Silinski (#45)

Ticket stub from game

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