Kentucky vs. Notre Dame

- Wednesday, December 29 1965 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 103 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 5th by AP]
Larry Conley3851435122213
Pat Riley36152666135236
Thad Jaracz2771323102216
Louie Dampier3611164522226
Tommy Kron32381110247
Cliff Berger1302024100
Jim LeMaster311120103
Tommy Porter212000202
Steve Clevenger200011110
Brad Bounds401021100
Bob Tallent702001010

Notre Dame - 69 (Head Coach: Johnny Dee) - [Unranked]
Brian Keller3741545154012
Jim Monahan4031657101111
Tom Bornhorst295150175110
George Restovich40594614214
Bucky McGann356154674016
Anthony Vignalli1926226206

Halftime Score: Kentucky 46, Notre Dame 33
Technical Fouls: Johnny Dee for protesting foul call [called by Tobey Pace]
Officials: Tobey Pace and Tony Tortorello
Attendance: 17,952
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Chicago Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal, Notre Dame and Lexington Herald

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Notre Dame's Jim Monahan (#42) shoots over Pat Riley (also #42) while Tommy Kron (#30) tries to get a hand in. Larry Conley blocks out Brian Keller in the background.

Pat Riley grabs a rebound in between Tommy Kron (#30) and Notre Dame's Bucky McGann, George Restovich and Brian Keller

Louie Dampier scores a layup ahead of Notre Dame's George Restovich and Jim Monahan

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