Frank Lane
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 67 | Overall UK Losses: 19 | Win % 77.9 |
Date of Birth: February 1, 1896
Date of Death: March 19, 1981
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
2/5/1923Kentucky at CincinnatiL24 - 33--41100-Referee - Al Mahrt and Umpire - Frank Lane
1/1/1924Vanderbilt at KentuckyW33 - 13----00-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/21/1924Centre College at KentuckyW38 - 24--101101Kubale for deliberately striking Underwood (ejected by Lane)Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/12/1926Kentucky at Georgetown CollegeW36 - 21----00-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/21/1926Centre College at KentuckyW45 - 2597121000-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/4/1926Kentucky at Centre CollegeW46 - 19----00-Frank Lane (Cincinati)
2/8/1926Auburn at KentuckyW35 - 2689101210-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - John Head (Louisville)
2/18/1926Tennessee at KentuckyW27 - 211217181402-Referee - John Head (Louisville) and Umpire - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
12/18/1926Cincinnati at KentuckyL10 - 48667600-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
12/27/1926Kentucky at CincinnatiL22 - 51----00-Frank Lane
12/31/1926Princeton at KentuckyL26 - 30715181102-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - John Head (Louisville)
1/3/1927Florida at KentuckyW44 - 361215261711-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/10/1927Kentucky at Kentucky WesleyanL24 - 31----00-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/15/1927Vanderbilt at KentuckyL32 - 4868111000-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/1/1927Kentucky at Georgetown CollegeL19 - 26----00-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/4/1927Washington & Lee at KentuckyL34 - 36----00-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/7/1927West Virginia at KentuckyL26 - 44--211900-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
12/16/1927Clemson at KentuckyW33 - 171013151210-Frank Lane (Cincinati)
2/3/1928Washington & Lee at KentuckyW34 - 28117111310-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
12/21/1928Miami (OH) at KentuckyW43 - 42 3 OT61115500-George Gividen and Frank Lane
1/4/1929North Carolina at KentuckyL15 - 2661215601-Frank Lane
2/8/1929Washington & Lee at KentuckyW31 - 3016591920-Frank Lane
2/13/1929Centre College at KentuckyW47 - 111012241201-Referee - Frank Lane
1/3/1930Clemson at KentuckyW31 - 1587101000-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/10/1930Creighton at KentuckyL27 - 286710700-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/11/1930Creighton at KentuckyW25 - 2181318911-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/18/1930Tennessee at KentuckyW23 - 201110151411-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/25/1930Mississippi A & M at KentuckyW20 - 14767800-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/14/1930Georgia at KentuckyW36 - 231115191512-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/22/1930Washington & Lee at KentuckyW28 - 26 OT119111401-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/3/1931Clemson at KentuckyW33 - 21119111510-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Boyd Chambers (Cincinnati)
2/6/1931Washington & Lee at KentuckyW23 - 18479401-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Charley Harrington (Cincinnati)
2/9/1931Georgia Tech at KentuckyW38 - 3471115702-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Charley Harrington
2/20/1931Vanderbilt at KentuckyW43 - 2351113800-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Charley Harrington
1/2/1932Clemson at KentuckyW43 - 24268400-Frank Lane (Detroit)
1/30/1932Washington & Lee at KentuckyW48 - 281213171420-Frank Lane (Detroit) and Dan Tehan (Xavier)
2/8/1932Alabama at KentuckyW50 - 221317221812-Referee - Frank Lane (Detroit) and Umpire - Charley Harrington (Cincinnati)
2/13/1932Tennessee at KentuckyW41 - 2781621913-Referee - Frank Lane (Detroit) and Umpire - Dan Tehan (Xavier)
2/20/1932Vanderbilt at KentuckyL31 - 321010131401-Referee - Frank Lane (Detroit) and Umpire - Charley Harrington (Cincinnati)
12/20/1932Tulane at KentuckyW53 - 17812171201-Frank Lane
12/21/1932Tulane at KentuckyW42 - 1191618900-Frank Lane
1/10/1933South Carolina at KentuckyW44 - 361313161700-Frank Lane
1/28/1933Tennessee at KentuckyW44 - 231313191601-Frank Lane (Pittsburgh)
1/31/1933Kentucky at VanderbiltW40 - 29----00-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/27/1934Tennessee at KentuckyW53 - 26119131600-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/2/1934Kentucky at VanderbiltW48 - 261211141410-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/10/1934Georgia Tech at KentuckyW49 - 25812171001-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/17/1934Vanderbilt at KentuckyW47 - 271215191402-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/2/1935Chicago at KentuckyW42 - 1621718201-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
1/18/1935Tulane at KentuckyW63 - 261120181002-Frank Lane
1/26/1935Tennessee at KentuckyW48 - 21656600-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/2/1935Kentucky at VanderbiltW58 - 2271217701-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/5/1935Kentucky at XavierW40 - 27----00-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Dave Reese
2/22/1935Creighton at KentuckyW63 - 42810121000Kentucky's Edwards for boasting about wanting to set UK scoring recordReferee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Dan Tehan (Xavier)
3/2/1935Vanderbilt at KentuckyW53 - 19568810-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
3/7/1935Xavier at KentuckyW46 - 291213151612-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Dave Reese (Dennison)
12/23/1935Pittsburgh at KentuckyW35 - 177813910-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Dan Tehan (Xavier)
1/8/1936Kentucky at New York UniversityL28 - 411410121521-John Murray and Frank Lane
1/25/1936Tennessee at KentuckyW40 - 311412171422Ralph Carlisle and Gene Johnson (ejected for fighting)Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/10/1936Kentucky at Notre DameL20 - 411311111120-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Nick Kearns (DePaul)
2/18/1936Xavier at KentuckyW49 - 401819232113-Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Dave Reese (Cincinnati)
2/21/1936Creighton at KentuckyW68 - 381411201711-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Dave Reese
2/24/1936Vanderbilt at KentuckyW61 - 411616161623-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
12/15/1936Kentucky at XavierW34 - 28 OT----00-Referee - Frank Lane (Detroit) and Umpire - Dan Tehan (Xavier)
12/21/1936Centenary at KentuckyW37 - 191310141601-Frank Lane (Detroit)
1/8/1937Creighton at KentuckyW59 - 361216191500-Frank Lane (Detroit) and Dan Tehan (Xavier)
1/23/1937Tennessee at KentuckyW43 - 262416192432-Frank Lane (Detroit)
2/17/1938Xavier at KentuckyW45 - 291412151401-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Bernie Shively
12/21/1938Washington & Lee at KentuckyW67 - 4799141100-Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
2/4/1939Marquette at KentuckyW37 - 31101013911-Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Dan Tehan (Xavier)
2/8/1939Kentucky at XavierW41 - 31139111510Coach Rupp for walking onto the floor during a timeout [called by Frank Lane]Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Dalton Williams
2/11/1939Alabama at KentuckyW45 - 271717232210-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/21/1939Xavier at KentuckyW43 - 23118101900-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Dalton Williams
1/13/1940Kentucky at Notre DameL47 - 521412231700RiskaReferee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Dan Tehan (Cincinnati)
2/12/1940Xavier at KentuckyW37 - 291211151300-Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Dalton Williams (Pittsburgh)
1/4/1941Kentucky vs. Notre DameL47 - 481416212011-Frank Lane and Dan Tehan
1/9/1941Kentucky at XavierW48 - 431013181101-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Dalton Williams
1/25/1941Xavier at KentuckyL44 - 492317222521-Frank Lane and Dalton Williams
2/24/1941Vanderbilt at KentuckyW58 - 312024302414Jack Jenkins for a flagrant foul on Lloyd Ramsey (ejected), Staker for intentional foul, Combs for intentional foul, Lyne for slamming the ball against the floorFrank Lane (Cincinnati) and Fred Koster (Louisville)
12/6/1941Miami (OH) at KentuckyW35 - 21811--10-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Dalton Williams (Pittsburgh)
12/13/1941Kentucky at Ohio StateL41 - 4314891510-Referee - Bill Orwig (Michigan) and Umpire - Frank Lane (Detroit)
12/16/1941Nebraska at KentuckyW42 - 272111132021-Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Dan Tehan (Xavier)
1/10/1942Kentucky at XavierW40 - 392418212332-Referee - Frank Lane (Xavier) and Umpire - Fred Koster (Louisville)
2/7/1942Kentucky at Notre DameL43 - 462213142121-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Fred Spurgeon (Valparaiso)
2/16/1942Georgia Tech at KentuckyW57 - 511115191312Kentucky's Waller White and Buck Stevens for unnecessary roughness (both ejected)Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Herman Jackson
2/21/1942Xavier at KentuckyW44 - 361815171821-Referee - Frank Lane and Umpire - Tom Green

Obituary - Cincinnati Enquirer (March 21, 1981)

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