Tom Lopes
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 58 | Overall UK Losses: 12 | Win % 82.8 |
Hometown: Berlin, MD

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
12/21/1990Kentucky vs. Western KentuckyW84 - 701418241300NoneDavid Dodge; Gerald Boudreaux and Tom Lopes
1/9/1991Mississippi State at KentuckyW89 - 701923321801NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Mike Thibodeaux
1/12/1991Kentucky at TennesseeW78 - 741916282100NoneRusty Herring, Tom Lopes and Frank Scagliotta
12/14/1991Arizona State at KentuckyW94 - 681814121700NoneTom Lopes, Gary Marcum and Curtis Shaw
1/15/1992Kentucky at VanderbiltW84 - 711714171911NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Tim Higgins
2/2/1992Kentucky at Louisiana StateL53 - 742213103410NoneReferee - John Clougherty; Umpire 1 - David Day and Umpire 2- Tom Lopes
2/26/1992South Carolina at KentuckyW74 - 561816131301NoneJohn Clougherty, David Day and Tom Lopes
3/4/1992Kentucky at FloridaL62 - 792918183930NoneTom Lopes, Tom O'Neill and Gerald Boudreaux
12/19/1992Morehead at KentuckyW108 - 651722261601Gimel MartinezTom Lopes, Les Jones and Rick Randall
12/28/1992Kentucky vs. RutgersW89 - 672619243700NoneFrank Scagliotta, Tom Lopes and Sean Corbin
1/23/1993Kentucky at South CarolinaW108 - 822921254310NoneMac Chauvin, David Day and Tom Lopes
2/10/1993Kentucky at ArkansasL94 - 1013225304030NoneJohn Clougherty, Tim Higgins and Tom Lopes
1/12/1994Kentucky vs. MississippiW98 - 641826371700NoneJim Burr, Tom Lopes and Kevin Fehr
1/26/1994South Carolina at KentuckyW79 - 671720161601NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Joe Mingle
2/6/1994Kentucky vs. MassachusettsW67 - 641920212211UMASS Coach John CalipariJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Tim Higgins
2/12/1994Kentucky at SyracuseL85 - 932217212120NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Kevin Fehr
12/10/1994Boston University at KentuckyW90 - 491925271702NoneTom Lopes, Willy Guardiola and Phil Robinson
1/29/1995Kentucky at ArkansasL92 - 942620193311Jeff Sheppard (hanging on rim)John Clougherty, Tom Lopes and David Day
3/4/1995Louisiana State at KentuckyW127 - 802322322600LSU's Quenton ThomasRusty Herring, Tom Lopes and George Washington
3/18/1995Kentucky vs. TulaneW82 - 602123262300NoneTed Valentine, Larry Lembo and Tom Lopes
12/19/1995Marshall at KentuckyW118 - 991827352001Marshall benchTom Lopes, Gary Marcum and Mike Wood
12/29/1995Kentucky vs. IonaW106 - 792520252811TiminskasRusty Herring, John Cahill and Tom Lopes
1/3/1996Kentucky at South CarolinaW89 - 602112102300NoneTom Lopes, Joe Mingle and R.T. Day
2/17/1996Kentucky at TennesseeW90 - 502223311812Tennessee benchTom Lopes, David Day and Richard Marracino
3/9/1996Kentucky vs. ArkansasW95 - 752217172100NoneDon Rutledge, Andre Pattillo and Tom Lopes
12/9/1996Wright State at KentuckyW90 - 621414201110NoneTom Lopes, Gene Monje and Bruce Benedict
12/21/1996Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW88 - 592219242410NoneTom Lopes, Frank Scagliotta and Curtis Shaw
1/9/1997Canisius at KentuckyW68 - 451716121500NoneRusty Herring, Tom Lopes and Anthony Jordan
2/4/1997Kentucky at South CarolinaL79 - 84 OT2319262910NoneJohn Clougherty, Don Rutledge and Tom Lopes
2/6/1997Western Carolina at KentuckyW82 - 55111212700NoneTom Lopes, Joe Mingle and Richard Marracino
3/7/1997Kentucky vs. AuburnW92 - 501923322012Wes FlaniganJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and R.T. Day
2/28/1998Kentucky at South CarolinaW69 - 572113112301NoneCurtis Shaw, Tom Lopes and Gene Monje
3/6/1998Kentucky vs. AlabamaW82 - 712020312101Alabama Coach David Hobbs [called by Tom Lopes]Andre Pattillo, Tom Lopes and Tony Greene
3/13/1998Kentucky vs. South Carolina StateW82 - 671416191500NoneTom Lopes; Verne Harris and John Hughes [Note: John Cahill substituted for Hughes in 2nd half]
11/19/1998Mercer at KentuckyW82 - 51131820500NoneAndre Pattillo, Tom Lopes and R.T. Day
12/22/1998Kentucky vs. DukeL60 - 712220222811UK Coach Orlando SmithFrank Scagliotta, John Clougherty and Tom Lopes
2/13/1999South Carolina at KentuckyW74 - 40151211800NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Mike Stuart
3/5/1999Kentucky vs. MississippiW83 - 733035463502Michael White for tossing ball which hit TV replay monitor; Rod Barnes for arguing callJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and David Day
11/24/1999Kentucky vs. MarylandW61 - 58142227901NoneJim Burr, Tom Lopes and Joe Mingle
12/30/1999Kentucky vs. MissouriW70 - 531521251602NoneGerald Boudreaux, Curtis Shaw and Tom Lopes
1/5/2000Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW80 - 71101419301NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Karl Hess
1/19/2000Mississippi at KentuckyW74 - 691425391102Rahim Lockhart, Jamaal Magloire, Keith Bogans, Ole Miss BenchTom Lopes, Olandis Poole and Curtis Shaw
2/1/2000Tennessee at KentuckyW81 - 681726371400Tennessee Coach Jerry GreenJohn Clougherty, Gerald Boudreaux and Tom Lopes
11/10/2000Kentucky vs. UCLAL92 - 97 OT2820283801NoneMichael Kitts, Tom Lopes and Rich San Fillipo
12/5/2000Eastern Kentucky at KentuckyW94 - 792525383001Eastern Kentucky benchTom Lopes, John Heatley and Tracy Woodson
3/10/2001Kentucky vs. ArkansasW87 - 781631402101NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Doug Shows
2/9/2002Kentucky at Louisiana StateW68 - 56171262000NoneTom Lopes, Karl Hess and Tim Clougherty
2/23/2002Arkansas at KentuckyW71 - 58121820700NoneDoug Shows, Tom Lopes and Michael Kitts
3/15/2003Kentucky vs. AuburnW78 - 581717181701NoneDavid Day, John Clougherty and Tom Lopes
11/28/2003Tennessee Tech at KentuckyW108 - 811617201300NoneTom Lopes, Tom Eades and Everett Summers
12/31/2003Kentucky vs. Austin PeayW61 - 531717151701NoneTom Lopes, David Guthrie and Lee Cassell
1/3/2004North Carolina at KentuckyW61 - 56131413900NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Tom Eades
1/13/2004Kentucky at Mississippi StateW67 - 66161181300NoneGerald Boudreaux, Tom Lopes and Bob Donato
1/20/2004Kentucky at TennesseeW69 - 68 OT3019263600NoneDoug Shows, Tom Lopes and Les Jones
2/3/2004Kentucky at FloridaW68 - 652026402201NoneJohn Clougherty, Tom Lopes and Kerry Sitton
2/25/2004Tennessee at KentuckyW92 - 601921262200NoneTom Lopes, Mike Nance and James Haney
3/13/2004Kentucky vs. South CarolinaW78 - 631716132000NoneTom Lopes, Tom Eades and Ted Valentine
11/30/2004Tennessee Tech at KentuckyW92 - 632227342200NoneTom Lopes, Pat Adams and Travis Correll
1/5/2005South Carolina at KentuckyW79 - 75132229900NoneTom Lopes, Mike Stuart and Bert Smith
1/19/2005Kentucky at MississippiW53 - 50161718900NoneTom Lopes, Mike Stuart and Bert Smith
1/29/2005Kentucky at ArkansasW68 - 672014162100NoneTom Lopes, Doug Sirmons and Carlos Reyes
3/11/2005Kentucky vs. TennesseeW76 - 621419201500NoneTom Lopes, Bruce Benedict and Doug Sirmons
3/12/2005Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW79 - 78 OT2018222210NoneTony Greene, Tom Lopes and Pat Adams
3/19/2005Kentucky vs. CincinnatiW69 - 601719181900NoneTom Lopes, Mark Reischling and David Hall
1/17/2006Kentucky at GeorgiaW69 - 551718141400Billy Humphrey (hanging on rim); Ramel BradleyJoe Lindsay, Ted Valentine and Tom Lopes
2/4/2006Kentucky at FloridaL80 - 952618213710NoneTom Lopes, Joe Lindsay and Mike Nance
2/25/2006Kentucky at Louisiana StateL67 - 712116103110NoneTom Lopes, Pat Adams and Mike Nance
12/2/2006Kentucky at North CarolinaL63 - 751920172201NoneKarl Hess, Ted Valentine and Tom Lopes
12/22/2006Massachusetts at KentuckyW82 - 682023282411NoneTom Lopes, Tracy Woodson and Brian Forte
2/13/2007Kentucky at TennesseeL85 - 892119192220NoneTom Lopes, Ed Corbett and Michael Kitts

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