Paul Galvan
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 47 | Overall UK Losses: 17 | Win % 73.4 |
Alma Mater: East Texas State University

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
1/13/1975Tennessee at KentuckyW88 - 822723213612-Paul Galvan and Joe Shosid
1/27/1975Kentucky at VanderbiltW91 - 903022183930FlynnPaul Galvan and Joe Shosid
3/29/1975Kentucky vs. SyracuseW95 - 793130383213Rudy HackettLou Soriano and Paul Galvan
1/12/1977Tennessee at KentuckyL67 - 71 OT1919191310NonePaul Galvan and Burrell Crowell
1/29/1977Kentucky at AlabamaW87 - 852425262212-Paul Galvan and Julius Sneed
2/21/1977Kentucky at MississippiW81 - 69152025801NoneRobert Hartsfield and Paul Galvan
3/17/1977Kentucky vs. Virginia MilitaryW93 - 781716181200-Jim Bain and Paul Galvan
3/19/1977Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL72 - 792622183631North Carolina Coach Dean SmithJim Bain and Paul Galvan
11/26/1977Southern Methodist at KentuckyW110 - 862425292101-Bill Bennett and Paul Galvan
12/10/1977Kentucky at KansasW73 - 661923232002NoneJohn Overby and Paul Galvan
1/2/1978Vanderbilt at KentuckyW72 - 592423192011-Don Rutledge and Paul Galvan
3/6/1978Kentucky at VanderbiltW78 - 681319151201NonePaul Galvan and Ben Dunn
12/30/1978Kentucky vs. Notre DameW81 - 762325232011NoneUmpire - Ben Reilly and Referee - Paul Galvan
1/13/1979Kentucky at AlabamaL52 - 55281873020-Paul Galvan, Ken Lauderdale and Bill Bennett
1/27/1979Florida at KentuckyW87 - 812432422012NoneKen Lauderdale, Jerry Yarbrough and Paul Galvan
3/2/1979Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW80 - 671529341202NoneDale Kelley; Paul Galvan and Don Shea
3/3/1979Kentucky vs. TennesseeL69 - 75 OT2620202420-Paul Galvan, Don Shea and Ben Dunn
12/15/1979Indiana at KentuckyW69 - 582525233201Fred Cowan for touching rim [called by Paul Galvan]Paul Galvan, Wally Tanner and Art White
12/21/1979California at KentuckyW78 - 521924301810Sam Bowie (hanging on rim)Burrell Crowell, Dale Kelley and Paul Galvan
12/22/1979Purdue at KentuckyW61 - 601923211401-Burrell Crowell, Dale Kelley and Paul Galvan
1/5/1980Kentucky at TennesseeL47 - 49161221700NonePaul Galvan, Bob Olah and Wally Tanner
1/19/1980Vanderbilt at KentuckyW106 - 903336484934Fred Cowan (hanging on rim), Jay ShidlerPaul Galvan, Don Rutledge and Tom Taylor
2/9/1980Kentucky at AlabamaW72 - 631617171400NonePaul Galvan, Jerry Yarbrough and Ken Lauderdale
2/20/1980Mississippi State at KentuckyW71 - 65141612900GrimPaul Galvan; Bob Wortman and Joe Farris
2/28/1980Kentucky vs. AuburnW69 - 611620261601NoneWilson Gosier, Ken Lauderdale and Paul Galvan
3/1/1980Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateL78 - 801816141700NoneDale Kelley, Paul Galvan and Jerry Yarbrough
12/27/1980Kentucky vs. Notre DameL61 - 67231072810NonePaul Galvan and Jim Bain
1/31/1981Kentucky at GeorgiaW71 - 68 2 OT2118202410Sam Bowie (hanging on rim)Dale Kelley, Paul Galvan and Ken Lauderdale
2/14/1981Alabama at KentuckyW77 - 622322252801NonePaul Galvan; Jerry Yarbrough and Dick Pace
3/5/1981Kentucky vs. VanderbiltL55 - 602519162810NoneDon Rutledge, Ormond Brown and Paul Galvan
1/30/1982Georgia at KentuckyW82 - 731723321901NonePaul Galvan, Burrell Crowell and Don Rutledge
2/6/1982Tennessee at KentuckyW77 - 671422291301NoneDale Kelley, Paul Galvan and Reggie Copeland
2/13/1982Kentucky at AlabamaW72 - 621517191501NoneKen Lauderdale, Reggie Copeland and Paul Galvan
2/17/1982Florida at KentuckyW84 - 782223222710NonePaul Galvan, Roger Parramore and Ken Lauderdale
3/6/1982Kentucky vs. AlabamaL46 - 4812116900NonePaul Galvan, Jerry Yarbrough and Don Rutledge
11/27/1982Butler at KentuckyW90 - 5382319501NonePaul Galvan, Bob Olah and Pat Nugent
1/3/1983Mississippi at KentuckyW72 - 60121819501NonePaul Galvan, Reggie Copeland and Roger Parramore
1/8/1983Kentucky at AlabamaL67 - 741616151700NonePaul Galvan, Don Rutledge and Dan Wooldridge
1/22/1983Kentucky at VanderbiltW82 - 77 OT1822221411NoneDon Rutledge, Dale Ford and Paul Galvan
2/8/1983Mississippi State at KentuckyW88 - 672728333302Roger Harden for inappropriate language directed at MSU player; Charles Hurt for hanging on rimPaul Galvan, Ken Lauderdale and Allie Prescott
2/12/1983Kentucky at AuburnW71 - 691816201701Charles Barkley for pushing Charles Hurt in the back (ejected) [called by Paul Galvan]Paul Galvan, Bob Olah and Dale Ford
2/27/1983Tennessee at KentuckyW69 - 611517161001NoneKen Lauderdale, Paul Galvan and Mac Chauvin
12/10/1983Kentucky at KansasW72 - 50132119501Winston Bennett for raising his fist and charging at KU's Kerry Boagni after collision and argument, Kentucky Coach Joe HallMike Kouri, Ed Schumer and Paul Galvan
1/13/1984Kentucky at AuburnL63 - 822717113310UK Coach Joe Hall for being outside coaching boxDon Rutledge, Paul Galvan and William Frazier
1/28/1984Georgia at KentuckyW64 - 4091511500NonePaul Galvan, Charles Vacca and Luis Grillo
2/4/1984Kentucky at AlabamaL62 - 69211172410NonePaul Galvan, Dan Wooldridge and Luis Grillo
2/27/1984Kentucky at TennesseeL58 - 63221382230NonePaul Galvan, John Clougherty and Dan Wooldridge
12/31/1984Kentucky vs. KansasW92 - 892328372512NonePaul Galvan, Don Shea and Allie Prescott
1/7/1985Vanderbilt at KentuckyW75 - 581617181300NonePaul Galvan, Don Shea and John Clougherty
2/20/1985Kentucky at FloridaW76 - 681421221001NoneDale Ford, Paul Galvan and Sonny Holmes
2/24/1985Georgia at KentuckyL77 - 792524272821NonePaul Galvan, Sonny Holmes and Allie Prescott
12/7/1985Indiana at KentuckyW63 - 581222231100NonePaul Galvan, John Clougherty and Tom Rucker
12/20/1985East Carolina at KentuckyW86 - 522031411601NonePaul Galvan, David Jones and Wally Tanner
12/21/1985Pepperdine at KentuckyW88 - 561721271801A. FrederickPaul Galvan, John Clougherty and Don Ferguson
1/4/1986Kentucky at VanderbiltW80 - 712519202111NoneThomas McDaniel, Paul Galvan and Sonny Holmes
1/18/1986Kentucky at FloridaW72 - 551722211412NonePaul Galvan, Don Ferguson and Danny Hooker
2/22/1986Kentucky at GeorgiaW80 - 751317191000NonePaul Galvan, Charles Vacca and Charles Watkins
3/1/1986Louisiana State at KentuckyW68 - 57151715910NonePaul Galvan, Don Rutledge and Charles Watkins
12/6/1986Kentucky at IndianaL66 - 712217152330NoneTom Rucker, Eric Harmon and Paul Galvan
12/27/1986Kentucky at LouisvilleW85 - 511913161500Louisville's Ellison for holding onto the rimPaul Galvan, John Clougherty and Mac Chauvin
1/7/1987Alabama at KentuckyL55 - 69151918801NonePaul Galvan, Mac Chauvin and Luis Grillo
1/12/1987Kentucky at Mississippi StateW57 - 491915122111NonePaul Galvan, Joe Forte and Mike Tanco
1/31/1987Mississippi State at KentuckyW50 - 36111711501NonePaul Galvan, Paul Andrzejewski and Pat Nugent
2/21/1987Kentucky at Louisiana StateL52 - 652419172602NonePaul Galvan, John Clougherty and Allie Prescott

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