Kentucky vs. Syracuse

- Saturday, March 29 1975 -

NCAA Final Four (at San Diego, CA)

Kentucky - 95 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 2nd by AP]
Kevin Grevey295134535314
Bob Guyette1223346307
Rick Robey25383711429
Jimmy Dan Conner35592454312
Mike Flynn30493534711
Jack Givens28102048112224
Larry Johnson1324001334
Mike Phillips14560244010
James Lee514012102
Merion Haskins500221012
Jerry Hale101003000
Dan Hall100001100
Reggie Warford100000000
G. J. Smith101000000

Syracuse - 79 (Head Coach: Roy Danforth) - [Ranked 6th by AP]
Rudy Hackett26466955314
Chris Sease3171144104118
Earnie Seibert1523026514
Jim Lee3910173334323
Jim Williams2329012534
Kevin King2928135155
Ross Kindel1713121123
Steve Shaw600002220
Bob Parker1123472308
Marty Byrnes100011000
Larry Kelley101000000
Mark Meadors100001000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 44, Syracuse 32
Technical Fouls: Rudy Hackett
Officials: Lou Soriano and Paul Galvan
Attendance: 15,151
Arena: San Diego Sports Arena
References: The Classic and Louisville Courier-Journal
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Rick Robey (#53) dunks against Syracuse

Syracuse's James Williams (#22) shoots over Kevin Grevey

Syracuse's Rudy Hackett drives past Kentucky's Bob Guyette

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