Kentucky at Vanderbilt

- Monday, January 27 1975 -

Kentucky - 91 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 11th by AP]
Jack Givens384142261210
Kevin Grevey40132313123127
Rick Robey1024005514
Jimmy Dan Conner387194653418
Mike Flynn17473365211
Larry Johnson2212122413
Mike Phillips196130063012
Bob Guyette1123225516
Jerry Hale300001100
Merion Haskins200000000

Vanderbilt - 90 (Head Coach: Roy Skinner) - [Unranked]
Jeff Fosnes3892034124321
Butch Feher407135644419
Mike Moore338131113104327
Joe Ford3339101064216
Dicky Keffer3502220472
Charles Schultz1824003004
John Sneed600141211

Halftime Score: Kentucky 49, Vanderbilt 39
Officials: Paul Galvan and Joe Shosid
Attendance: 15,581
Arena: Memorial Gymnasium (Vanderbilt)
References: Louisville Courier-Journal

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Vanderbilt's Butch Feher shoots between Kentucky's Larry Johnson, Jimmy Dan Conner (#20) and Rick Robey

Vanderblt's Jeff Fosnes (#23) shoos over the hands of Rick Robey (#53) while Mike Flynn (#24) looks on

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