Mississippi State at Kentucky

- Saturday, February 1 1975 -

Mississippi State - 79 (Head Coach: Kermit Davis) - [Unranked]
Larry Fry339155873023
Taylor Williams1204002500
Jerry Jenkins2227463218
Rich Knarr267200021114
Jeff Stroman2214002222
Bob Shapiro1213006002
John Kantner803121001
Steve Steinwedel1248610131114
Joe Dean (*)602222012
Al Perry1502000310
Rick Moss1515362225
Walter Wright1034001206
Don Coleman711000002

Kentucky - 112 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 5th by AP]
Bob Guyette1761000123212
Rick Robey195102292012
Kevin Grevey226114534316
Jimmy Dan Conner1634222128
Mike Flynn2735005076
Larry Johnson17310004226
Jack Givens16892323118
Mike Phillips17410115309
James Lee15455674113
Dan Hall422001314
G. J. Smith723002004
Reggie Warford1114221004
Joey Holland502013210
Jerry Hale400000010
Merion Haskins301000000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 61, Mississippi State 36
Officials: Jack Manton and Joe Caldwell
Attendance: 11,500
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and Mississippi State University

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Bob Guyette (#45) scores inside while Rick Robey (#53) looks to rebound

Reggie Warford (#15) fights for the ball

Larry Johnson (#12) drives past Mississippi State's Jeff Stroman (#34)

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