Kentucky Players Chosen All-SEC First Team

90 Players Chosen 146 Times

Ellis Johnson1932-33First Team
Forest Sale1932-33First Team
John DeMoisey1932-33First Team
John DeMoisey1933-34First Team
Bill Davis1933-34First Team
Dave Lawrence1934-35First Team
Leroy Edwards1934-35First Team
Ralph Carlisle1935-36First Team
Ralph Carlisle1936-37First Team
Warfield Donohue1936-37First Team
Bernard Opper1937-38First Team
Bernard Opper1938-39First Team
Layton Rouse1939-40First Team
Lee Huber1940-41First Team
Marvin Akers1940-41First Team
Ermal Allen1941-42First Team
Marvin Akers1942-43First Team
Bob Brannum1943-44First Team
Jack Parkinson1943-44First Team
Jack Tingle1943-44First Team
Jack Parkinson1944-45First Team
Jack Tingle1944-45First Team
Kenton Campbell1944-45First Team
Jack Parkinson1945-46First Team
Jack Tingle1945-46First Team
Ralph Beard1945-46First Team
Wallace Jones1945-46First Team
Jack Tingle1946-47First Team
Ken Rollins1946-47First Team
Ralph Beard1946-47First Team
Joe Holland1946-47First Team
Wallace Jones1946-47First Team
Ken Rollins1947-48First Team
Ralph Beard1947-48First Team
Alex Groza1947-48First Team
Wallace Jones1947-48First Team
Ralph Beard1948-49First Team (AP)
Alex Groza1948-49First Team (AP)
Wallace Jones1948-49First Team (AP)
Jim Line1949-50First Team (AP)
Bill Spivey1949-50First Team (AP)
Bill Spivey1950-51First Team (AP)
Bobby Watson1950-51First Team (AP)
Frank Ramsey1950-51First Team (AP)
Bobby Watson1951-52First Team (AP)
Cliff Hagan1951-52First Team (AP)
Frank Ramsey1951-52First Team (AP)
Cliff Hagan1953-54First Team (AP)
Frank Ramsey1953-54First Team (AP)
Bob Burrow1954-55First Team (AP)
Bob Burrow1955-56First Team (AP & Coaches)
Johnny Cox1956-57First Team (AP & Coaches)
Vernon Hatton1957-58First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Johnny Cox1957-58First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Johnny Cox1958-59First Team (AP & Coaches)
Bill Lickert1958-59First Team (Coaches)Third Team (AP)
Don Mills1959-60First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Bill Lickert1959-60First Team (Coaches)
Bill Lickert1960-61First Team (AP & Coaches)
Larry Pursiful1961-62First Team (AP & Coaches)
Cotton Nash1961-62First Team (AP & Coaches)
Cotton Nash1962-63First Team (AP & Coaches)
Ted Deeken1963-64First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Cotton Nash1963-64First Team (AP & Coaches)
Tommy Kron1964-65First Team (Coaches)Third Team (AP)
Louie Dampier1964-65First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Larry Conley1965-66First Team (Coaches)Third Team (AP & UPI)
Louie Dampier1965-66First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Pat Riley1965-66First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Louie Dampier1966-67First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Pat Riley1966-67First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Mike Casey1967-68First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Dan Issel1967-68First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Mike Casey1968-69First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Dan Issel1968-69First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Mike Pratt1968-69First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Dan Issel1969-70First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Mike Pratt1969-70First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Mike Casey1970-71First Team (UPI); Second Team (AP)
Larry Steele1970-71First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP); Third Team (UPI)
Tom Parker1970-71First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Tom Payne1970-71First Team (AP & Coaches); Second Team (UPI)
Tom Parker1971-72First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Jim Andrews1971-72First Team (UPI & Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Jim Andrews1972-73First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Kevin Grevey1972-73First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Kevin Grevey1973-74First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Kevin Grevey1974-75First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Jack Givens1975-76First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Jack Givens1976-77First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Rick Robey1976-77First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Jack Givens1977-78First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Rick Robey1977-78First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Kyle Macy1977-78First Team (AP & Coaches); Second Team (UPI)
Kyle Macy1978-79First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Kyle Macy1979-80First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Sam Bowie1979-80First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP); Third Team (UPI)
Sam Bowie1980-81First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Derrick Hord1981-82First Team (AP & Coaches); Second Team (UPI)
Melvin Turpin1982-83First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Melvin Turpin1983-84First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Kenny Walker1983-84First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP); Third Team (UPI)
Kenny Walker1984-85First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Kenny Walker1985-86First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Winston Bennett1985-86First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Rex Chapman1986-87First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Winston Bennett1987-88First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Rex Chapman1987-88First Team (AP, UPI & Coaches)
Derrick Miller1989-90First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
Reggie Hanson1990-91First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP & UPI)
John Pelphrey1990-91First Team (UPI & Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Jamal Mashburn1991-92First Team (AP & Coaches)
Travis Ford1992-93First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Jamal Mashburn1992-93First Team (AP & Coaches)
Tony Delk1994-95First Team (AP & Coaches)
Tony Delk1995-96First Team (AP & Coaches)
Antoine Walker1995-96First Team (AP & Coaches)
Ron Mercer1996-97First Team (AP & Coaches)
Nazr Mohammed1997-98First Team (AP & Coaches)
Scott Padgett1998-99First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Jamaal Magloire1999-00First Team (AP & Coaches)
Tayshaun Prince2000-01First Team (AP & Coaches)
Tayshaun Prince2001-02First Team (AP & Coaches)
Keith Bogans2002-03First Team (AP & Coaches)
Erik Daniels2003-04First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Gerald Fitch2003-04First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Chuck Hayes2004-05First Team (AP & Coaches)
Ramel Bradley2007-08First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Jodie Meeks2008-09First Team (AP & Coaches)
Patrick Patterson2008-09First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Patrick Patterson2009-10First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
DeMarcus Cousins2009-10First Team (AP & Coaches)
John Wall2009-10First Team (AP & Coaches)
Terrence Jones2010-11First Team (AP & Coaches)
Brandon Knight2010-11First Team (Coaches); Second Team (AP)
Anthony Davis2011-12First Team (AP & Coaches)
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2011-12First Team (AP & Coaches)
Nerlens Noel2012-13First Team (AP)
Julius Randle2013-14First Team (AP & Coaches)
Willie Cauley-Stein2014-15First Team (AP & Coaches)
Karl-Anthony Towns2014-15First Team (AP & Coaches)
Tyler Ulis2015-16First Team (AP & Coaches)
Jamal Murray2015-16First Team (AP & Coaches)
De'Aaron Fox2016-17First Team (AP & Coaches)
Malik Monk2016-17First Team (AP & Coaches)
Kevin Knox2017-18First Team (Coaches)

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