Games with Missing Opposing Coaches

The games below do not have an opposing coach assigned to them. Any assistance is appreciated.

12/10/1934Alumni at Kentucky55 - 8(NP) (GA)-
1/30/1915St. Andrews at Kentucky32 - 15(NP) (GA)-
1/20/1914Kentucky at Ashland YMCA30 - 19(NP) (GA)-
1/10/1914Ashland YMCA at Kentucky28 - 15(NP) (GA)-
1/27/1912Lexington YMCA at Kentucky32 - 20(NP) (GA)-
1/27/1911Kentucky at Kentucky Wesleyan19 - 25(NP) (GA)-
1/9/1909Lexington High at Kentucky28 - 9(NP) (GA)-
2/22/1908Kentucky at Louisville Coliseum18 - 30(NP) (GA)-
2/15/1908Lexington YMCA at Kentucky19 - 23(NP) (GA)-
2/8/1908Louisville Coliseum at Kentucky29 - 28(NP) (GA)-
2/4/1908Kentucky University at Kentucky20 - 15(NP) (GA)-
1/21/1908Kentucky University at Kentucky20 - 15(NP) (GA)-
1/10/1908Kentucky at Lexington YMCA19 - 29(NP) (GA)-
3/7/1907Kentucky at Kentucky University5 - 19(NP) (GA)-
3/1/1907Kentucky at Lexington YMCA22 - 41(NP) (GA)-
2/15/1907Kentucky University at Kentucky16 - 14(NP) (GA)-
2/14/1906Kentucky at Moores Hill32 - 11(NP) (GA)-
2/13/1906Kentucky at North Vernon24 - 14(NP) (GA)-
2/12/1906Kentucky at New Albany YMCA12 - 29(NP) (GA)-
1/27/1906Cincinnati YMCA at Kentucky16 - 23(NP) (GA)-
1/11/1906Kentucky vs. Kentucky University - (NP) (GA)Score not recorded
2/22/1905Kentucky University at Kentucky23 - 33(NP) (GA)-
2/4/1905Kentucky at Kentucky University1 - 22(NP) (GA)-
1/27/1905Kentucky University at Kentucky30 - 29(NP) (GA)-
2/26/1904Kentucky at Kentucky University12 - 14(NP) (GA)-
2/12/1904Kentucky at Kentucky University5 - 12(NP) (GA)-
2/20/1903Kentucky University at Kentucky2 - 42(NP) (GA)-
2/18/1903Lexington YMCA at Kentucky11 - 10(NP) (GA)-
2/6/1903Georgetown College at Kentucky6 - 15(NP) (GA)-

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