Kentucky in the Cincinnati Metro Area

| Kentucky Wins - 38 | Opponent Wins - 13 |

2/15/1906Christ Church CincinnatiL17 - 54Holy Cross HallNA-
2/16/1906CincinnatiL9 - 38McMicken HallNA-
1/18/1909Advent Memorial ClubL27 - 51Advent Memorial Club GymnasiumNA-
1/19/1909CincinnatiL25 - 41McMicken HallNA-
2/7/1910CincinnatiL17 - 47McMicken HallNA-
2/11/1911Christ Church CincinnatiL21 - 32Christ Church Parish HouseNA-
1/14/1916CincinnatiW39 - 24Schmidlapp GymnasiumNA-
1/31/1919CincinnatiL18 - 28Schmidlapp GymnasiumNA-
1/17/1920CincinnatiL11 - 13Schmidlapp GymnasiumNA-
1/26/1921CincinnatiW26 - 19Schmidlapp GymnasiumNA-
2/5/1923CincinnatiL24 - 33Schmidlapp GymnasiumNA-
1/3/1925CincinnatiL20 - 24Schmidlapp Gymnasium3500-
12/27/1926CincinnatiL22 - 51Schmidlapp GymnasiumNA
2/5/1935XavierW40 - 27Schmidt Fieldhouse5500-
1/14/1936XavierW36 - 32Schmidt Fieldhouse2500-
12/15/1936XavierW34 - 28 OTSchmidt Fieldhouse2500-
1/16/1937AkronW32 - 22Schmidt Fieldhouse3000(at Cincinnati, OH)
2/5/1938XavierL32 - 39Schmidt Fieldhouse3500-
2/8/1939XavierW41 - 31Schmidt Fieldhouse3000-
1/6/1940XavierW42 - 41 OTSchmidt FieldhouseNA-
1/9/1941XavierW48 - 43Schmidt Fieldhouse3500-
1/10/1942XavierW40 - 39Schmidt Fieldhouse3000-
1/9/1943XavierW43 - 38Schmidt Fieldhouse2500-
2/12/1944CincinnatiW38 - 34Schmidlapp Gymnasium400-
2/24/1945CincinnatiW65 - 35Schmidt FieldhouseNA-
1/14/1946XavierW62 - 36Schmidt Fieldhouse3500-
12/7/1946CincinnatiW80 - 49Music Hall5000-
2/19/1947XavierW58 - 31Schmidt Fieldhouse5000-
12/13/1947CincinnatiW67 - 31Music Hall4800-
2/28/1948XavierW59 - 37Schmidt Fieldhouse5200-
2/24/1949XavierW51 - 40Cincinnati Gardens13,200-
1/26/1950XavierW58 - 47Cincinnati Gardens7463-
12/12/1950XavierW67 - 56Cincinnati Gardens9255-
12/10/1951XavierW97 - 72Cincinnati Gardens4571-
12/12/1953XavierW81 - 66Cincinnati Gardens11,881-
12/11/1954XavierW73 - 69Cincinnati Gardens10,352-
12/20/1983CincinnatiW24 - 11Riverfront Coliseum16,136-
3/18/1988SouthernW99 - 84Riverfront Coliseum16,562NCAA Southeast Regional First Round (at Cincinnati, OH) (win voided by probation)
3/20/1988MarylandW90 - 81Riverfront Coliseum16,562NCAA Southeast Regional Second Round (at Cincinnati, OH) (win voided by probation)
11/28/1990CincinnatiW75 - 71Shoemaker Center13,176-
12/23/1991OhioW73 - 63Riverfront Coliseum15,390(at Cincinnati, OH)
12/17/1994Texas TechW83 - 68Riverfront Coliseum17,153(at Cincinnati, OH)
1/22/1997VanderbiltW58 - 46Riverfront Coliseum17,121(at Cincinnati, OH)
11/23/1998Wright StateW97 - 75Crown16,845(at Cincinnati, OH)
11/29/1999DaytonL66 - 68Firstar Center17,232(at Cincinnati, OH)
11/21/2000Jacksonville StateW91 - 48Firstar Center10,140(at Cincinnati, OH)
11/28/2001Kent StateW82 - 68Firstar Center10,352(at Cincinnati, OH)
1/4/2003OhioW83 - 75US Bank Arena14,506(at Cincinnati, OH)
12/1/2003MarshallW89 - 76US Bank Arena13,913(at Cincinnati, OH)
11/23/2004Ball StateW73 - 53US Bank Arena15,563(at Cincinnati, OH)
12/30/2005OhioW71 - 63US Bank Arena16,043(at Cincinnati, OH)

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