UK's Opponent's Largest Overall Half

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Opp Half
12/9/1989KansasL95 - 15080First
(70 in 2nd Half)
1/21/1992TennesseeL85 - 10766Second-
3/4/1967VanderbiltL94 - 11065Second-
12/27/1989North CarolinaL110 - 12164First
(57 in 2nd Half)
(at Louisville, KY)
12/4/1989Mississippi StateW102 - 9764Second-
12/20/1968MichiganW112 - 10463SecondUKIT
12/10/1966NorthwesternW118 - 11662First-
2/7/2007South CarolinaW95 - 8961Second-
2/15/1971GeorgiaW107 - 9561Second-
1/25/1969Louisiana StateW108 - 9661Second-
2/20/1991VanderbiltL87 - 9860Second-
2/26/1973AlabamaW111 - 9560Second-
1/5/2008LouisvilleL75 - 8959Second-
2/15/1990Louisiana StateW100 - 9559Second-
1/5/1974Louisiana StateL84 - 9559Second-
12/28/1959Ohio StateW96 - 9359First-
2/7/2017Louisiana StateW92 - 8558Second-
2/21/1990TennesseeL100 - 10258First-
12/10/1973North CarolinaL84 - 10158Second(at Greensboro, NC)
2/3/1968Louisiana StateW109 - 9658Second-
2/16/1965VanderbiltL90 - 9158Second-
2/25/1956AlabamaL77 - 10158Second(at Montgomery, AL)
11/14/2008Virginia MilitaryL103 - 11157First-
2/5/1991Louisiana StateL88 - 10757Second-
12/29/1990LouisvilleW93 - 8557Second-
2/21/1970Louisiana StateW121 - 10557Second-
2/7/1970MississippiW120 - 8557Second-
1/24/1970Louisiana StateW109 - 9657Second-
3/14/1964Loyola (Chicago)L91 - 10057SecondNCAA Mideast Regional [Consolation] (at Minneapolis, MN)
2/4/2006FloridaL80 - 9556Second-
3/4/2001FloridaL86 - 9456Second-
2/14/2001TennesseeW103 - 9556Second-
2/10/1993ArkansasL94 - 10156Second-
2/15/1975TennesseeL98 - 10356First-
3/18/1971Western KentuckyL83 - 10756SecondNCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Athens, GA)
12/29/1964Notre DameL97 - 11156First
(55 in 2nd Half)
(at Louisville, KY)
1/16/1996Louisiana StateW129 - 9755Second-
12/4/1993IndianaL84 - 9655First(at Indianapolis, IN)
1/13/1993VanderbiltL86 - 10155Second-
1/25/1992ArkansasL88 - 10555Second-
1/26/1991AlabamaL83 - 8855First-
1/3/1990GeorgiaL91 - 10655Second-
3/1/1979AlabamaW101 - 10055FirstSEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
1/31/1977Mississippi StateW92 - 8555Second-

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