Fred Walters
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 27 | Overall UK Losses: 3 | Win % 90 |
Date of Birth: September 4, 1912
Date of Death: February 1, 1980
Hometown: Laurel, MS
Alma Mater: Mississippi State [1937]

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
2/3/1941Kentucky at AlabamaW38 - 361510132300-Referee - Bowser Chest (Tennessee) and Umpire - Fred Walters (Mississippi)
2/27/1941Kentucky vs. MississippiW62 - 522120302423-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Fred Walters (Laurel, MS)
3/1/1941Kentucky vs. AlabamaW39 - 371711131900-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Fred Walters (Laurel, MS)
2/2/1942Kentucky at AlabamaL35 - 411812121930Carl Staker (ejected) for intentional foul on Jim RothReferee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Fred Walters (Mississippi State)
2/26/1942Kentucky vs. FloridaW42 - 361010111101-Referee - Fred Walters (Laurel, MS) and Umpire - Dan Tehan (Cincinnati)
2/27/1942Kentucky vs. MississippiW59 - 321415171702UK's Ermal Allen for asking referee Fred Walters to pay attention to holding by an Ole Miss player [called by Fred Walters]; Carl Staker for kicking the ball after being called for travelReferee - Dan Tehan (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Fred Walters (Laurel, MS)
3/2/1945Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW68 - 371416172001-Bowser Chest and Fred Walters
3/3/1945Kentucky vs. AlabamaW52 - 411613161700-Fred Walters and Jim Beiersdorfer
12/30/1946Kentucky vs. Oklahoma A&ML31 - 37149131700-Referee - Fred Walters and Umpire - Ray Mock
2/3/1947Kentucky at AlabamaW48 - 371916232510-Referee - Red Houston (Alabama) and Umpire - Fred Walters (Mississippi State)
2/5/1948Kentucky at AlabamaW41 - 311618181901-Bowser Chest and Fred Walters
2/7/1948Kentucky vs. Washington (St. Louis)W69 - 392817223310-Fred Walters (L.S.U.) and Clay Van Reen (St. Louis University)
2/3/1949Kentucky vs. MississippiW75 - 451418211901-Fred Walters (Mississippi State) and Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/8/1949Tennessee at KentuckyW71 - 561812162110-Dan Tehan and Fred Walters
2/16/1949Mississippi at KentuckyW85 - 311320271501-Bowser Chest and Fred Walters
1/16/1950Kentucky at Georgia TechW61 - 472118192211-Fred Walters and Bobby Bowers
1/17/1950Kentucky at GeorgiaL60 - 711817202302-Fred Walters and Bobby Bowers
3/4/1950Kentucky vs. TennesseeW95 - 581818232902Jim Line [called by Fred Walters]Fred Walters and Bowser Chest
2/23/1951Georgia at KentuckyW88 - 411817222100-Hollis Wilson and Fred Walters
2/24/1951Vanderbilt at KentuckyW89 - 572219212511-Fred Walters and Hollis Wilson
2/18/1954Tennessee at KentuckyW90 - 632721343720-Ike Craig and Fred Walters
3/1/1954Kentucky at AlabamaW68 - 431415222201-Dan Tehan and Fred Walters
3/9/1954Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW63 - 561814202510-Fred Walters and Hollis Wilson
1/17/1955Kentucky at Louisiana StateW64 - 621210171900-Fred Walters and ????
2/5/1955Kentucky vs. MississippiW84 - 661512213101-Hollis Wilson (S.E. LA Inst.) and Fred Walters (Mississippi State)
2/26/1955Auburn at KentuckyW93 - 592316304301-Fred Walters and Clyde Castle
2/28/1955Alabama at KentuckyW66 - 521710162610-Clyde Castle and Fred Walters
3/5/1955Tennessee at KentuckyW104 - 611920373701-Fred Walters and Hollis Wilson
12/3/1955Kentucky at Louisiana StateW62 - 521619292810-Fred Walters and Hollis Wilson
2/4/1956Kentucky vs. AuburnW82 - 811919303411-Hollis Wilson and Fred Walters

Obituary - Hattiesburg (MI) American (February 2, 1980)

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