Georgetown College at Kentucky

- Monday, February 19 1923 -

Georgetown College - 45 (Head Coach: James Coleman)
Wylton "Shorty" Long80016
Bruce Daniels60012
Alonzo Jacoby60112
Luther Richardson0000
Durbin Kemper0000
Sam Pollock0585

Kentucky - 21 (Head Coach: George C. Buchheit) - [Final Rank ]
Carl Riefkin2468
William Wilkinson1002
Fred Fest2024
A. T. Rice1002
Lawrence Burnham0000
Marshall Barnes0000
Wayne Foust0111
Karl Rohs2004
Charles Spilman0000
William Blanton0000
Gilbert Smith0000
Ralph Boren0000

Halftime Score: Georgetown 17, Kentucky 14
Officials: Referee - John Head (Louisville)
Arena: State College Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook)

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Clemson 13 - 30|Sewanee 30 - 14

Game Writeup - by Norris Royden, Lexington Herald

The Georgetown team and supporters celebrate after the victory over the Wildcats

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