Kentucky Career Leaders in Field Goal Percentage
- in NCAA Tournament -

Minimum Number: 50 Minimum Attempts: 20 Records Kept Since: 1947

Field GoalsField Goal
Field Goal
1DeMarcus Cousins14233174.19
2Marcus Lee311162369.57
3Josh Harrellson38294269.05
4Hamidou Diallo13132065
5Marquis Estill310487464.86
6P.J. Washington13142263.64
7John Pelphrey44264163.41
8Karl-Anthony Towns15274362.79
9Rick Robey413528362.65
10Jason Parker13152462.5
10Sheray Thomas410152462.5
12Truman Claytor48386162.3
13Kenny Walker4148313461.94
14Terry Mills35132161.9
15Kent Hollenbeck34142360.87
16Alex Poythress48203360.61
17Sean Woods34264360.47
18Heshimu Evans210416860.29
19Jim Andrews36477860.26
20Mike Phillips413569360.22
21Dakari Johnson211254259.52
22Walter McCarty312488159.26
23Eric Bledsoe14203458.82
24Dominique Hawkins412142458.33
25Dan Issel366711558.26
26Derek Anderson27223956.41
27Bobby Perry49274856.25
28Charles Hurt47183256.25
29Andre Riddick415386855.88
30Robert Lock410193455.88
31Nazr Mohammed314559955.56
31Jared Prickett517559955.56
33Erik Daniels412305455.56
34Thad Jaracz36264755.32
35Gimel Martinez411234254.76
36Jamal Mashburn397113054.62
37Chuck Hayes413478754.02
38Michael Kidd-Gilchrist16275054
39Cameron Mills415285253.85
40Isaiah Briscoe26213953.85
41Deron Feldhaus44152853.57
41Rodney Dent25152853.57
43Jim Master49407553.33
44Jamaal Magloire418326053.33
45Larry Stamper36163053.33
46Allen Edwards419356653.03
47Jack Givens4138916952.66
48Doron Lamb211479052.22
49Randolph Morris38295651.79
50Rex Chapman24346651.52
50Souleymane Camara413346651.52
52Tayshaun Prince4126512751.18
53Rajon Rondo26234551.11
54Anthony Davis16254951.02
55Terrence Jones211479350.54
56Ron Mercer2126112150.41
57Winston Bennett4145010050
58De'Aaron Fox14316250
58Mike Flynn37316250
60Bob Guyette37214250
61Dicky Beal49193850
62Richie Farmer44122450
62Lavon Williams49122450
64Jeff Brassow57112250

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