Critical Box Scores to Follow-Up

Boxscores which are missing and for which it is critical that they be located are listed. The reference lists the sources which has already been checked. For a complete listing of other less essential boxscores needing additional information, check here.

1/20/1934 (*)
Tenn-Chattanooga at Kentucky47 - 20Lexington Herald, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA) (FGA)-
1/17/1920 (*)
Kentucky at Cincinnati11 - 13Lexington Herald, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Tribune and Kentucky Kernel
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (FG) (FT) (FGA) (FTA)Points for UK from R. Rice. Check alternative Cincinnati paper ( ) Cincinnati Tribune ( X has UC points. ) LOC # 1400 Leader (X gives halftime score); LCJ (X - not mentioned)
2/22/1919 (*)
Kentucky Wesleyan at Kentucky18 - 13Winchester Sun and Russell Rice
(NP) (GA)(Officials) (Attendance) (FG) (FT) (FTA)No players listed for Wesleyan. No mention in Lexington Herald ( X ), Leader ( X ) or LCJ ( X). Kernel ( X ) mentions it and Winchester Sun (S-259) devotes two paragraphs to the game but gives no box. Rusell Rice provided UK players scoring (4). Check Winchester Democrat (X - missing from roll ) S009
1/13/1919 (*)
Kentucky Wesleyan at Kentucky46 - 5Lexington Herald, Kentucky Kernel, Lexington Leader, Russell Rice and Centre College Cento
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (FTA)Check Winchester Daily Democrat S-009r.20 (X - Most of 1919 not available in reel) Winchester Sun (X). Leader (X) has bare info. Cento (X) gives FG. but doesn't say who scored FT for Centre. Free throws are not allocated between players for either team. R. Rice provided UK points. (changed Parker from 9 to 8 points) Winchester Democrat S 009 ( X - missing from roll) Mt. Sterling Advocate (X-no mention following day or next). LCJ (X - no mention following day or next )
2/28/1918 (*)
Kentucky at Cumberland42 - 21Kentucky Kernel and UK Media Guide
(NP) (GA)(Officials) (Opp Coach) (Attendance) (Half Score) (FG) (FT) (FTA)Box not included in Lexington Herald although they claim the score was 42 to 22 (the day after). Kernel says it was 42-21. No box in Leader (X), no mention in LCJ (X). Check a local Cumberland paper ( ) Cumberland Times Tribune S156 ( UK does not have 1918) [Williamsburg, Whitley County] Back calculated Zerfoss, Campbell, Shanklin, Thomas and Bastin by finding what matches their season ppg per the UK media guide. Marsh FG is listed in Kernel. Based on note that all players scored FG but one, assume Glickman was the scoreless one because he was low scorer and team and was present on the trip.
1/9/1918 (*)
Kentucky Wesleyan at Kentucky23 - 13Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader and Kentucky Kernel
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Half Score) (FTA)Herald doesn't mention Wesleyan's scoring. Did not find in Winchester Sun. Leader only gives the three players who scored for Wesleyan but no FG or FT. Kernel did not give box. Check alternative Winchester paper Daily Democrat ( X-no mention ) S 009.
3/1/1917 (*)
Kentucky at Cumberland48 - 20-(NP) (GA)(Boxscore) (Officials) (Opp Coach) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Boxscore)No box or game summary in Herald (X). Leader & Kernel has brief mention only. Check local Cumberland paper Times Tribune S156 ( ) (Willamsburg, Whitley County - UK lib doesn't have 1917) (UK results determined by difference from season cumulative totals.)
2/4/1915 (*)
Kentucky at Maryville23 - 22Lexington Herald and The Idea
(NP) (GA)(Officials) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT) (FTA)No points. Lexington Leader (X-blurb only); Check with a local Tennessee paper (probably Knoxville) Knoxville Journal & Tribune (X - no mention) LOC # 1481. Other ( ) ? LCJ (X - no mention)
3/3/1914 (*)
Kentucky at Louisville26 - 13Lexington Leader, University of Louisville and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT) (FTA)Need points. Not in Louisville Courier Journal (X). Check alternate Louisville paper - Louisville Argus ( ) S 393; Louisville Weekly Bulletin ( ) S 95-15. Not listed in Idea (X) (3/5/1914)
1/22/1914 (*)
Kentucky at Virginia23 - 39Lexington Herald, University of Virginia and Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Half Score) (FTA)-
1/5/1912 (*)
Georgetown College at Kentucky38 - 12Lexington Leader, Lexington Herald, The Idea, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (FTA)Names only for Georgetown. Georgetown Times (S-264) doesn't have. Georgetonian (X - no box)
2/17/1911 (*)
Kentucky at Georgetown College47 - 22Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, The Idea and Georgetown Times
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT) (FTA)No points. Check Georgetown Times (S-264) ( X - no box ) Georgetonian (X - no box), LCJ (X - not mentioned)
3/8/1910 (*)
Georgetown College at Kentucky24 - 23-(NP) (GA)(Boxscore) (Officials) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Boxscore)No box. Can't find in Herald (X), Leader (X), Georgetown Times (X) or Idea (X). Note that the Georgetonian claims the game was played 10-MAR-1910. Recheck all at that new date [Herald (X - nothing checked 10-MAR to 11-MAR) Leader (X nothing checked 10-MAR to 11-MAR ) Georgetown Times (X - checked 9-MAR and 16-MAR nothing)]; Kentucky Evening Gazette (S-83-001r5) ( )
2/9/1910 (*)
Kentucky at DePauw16 - 28DePauw Mirage Yearbook and Indianapolis News
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Half Score)Missing Attendance, Halftime Score. Not mentioned by Leader. Herald (X), LCJ (X) & Tennessean (X) only gives score of 28 to 16 ,Idea (S/97-013) (X) or local Indiana paper. DePauw Student Newspaper (X); Greencastle Herald (X); Star-Democrat (X) Kentucky Evening Gazette (S-83-001r5) ( ); Others ? ( )
3/7/1908 (*)
Kentucky at Central University10 - 29Kentucky Advocate, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)Names only. Check Leader ( ) or Kentucky Evening Gazette (S-83-001r5) ( ) or Messenger ( )?
2/4/1908 (*)
Kentucky University at Kentucky20 - 15Lexington Leader, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA) (Opp Coach) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)Check Herald (X - no box), Leader ( X-no box ), LCJ (X - no mention) Student newspaper ? Idea not available until 1909 ? ( ) Kentucky Evening Gazette (S-83-001r5) ( )
1/25/1908 (*)
Kentucky at Central University21 - 32Lexington Herald(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)No box. Not in Leader (X-no) Check Herald (X names only ) or Kentucky Advocate S-574 (no box ) Kentucky Evening Gazette (S-83-001r5) ( ); LCJ ( X - not listed ) Central Yearbook pag. 180 claims was played at Rink. Confirmed by 1909 Basketball History.
3/9/1907 (*)
Central University at Kentucky13 - 15Lexington Herald and Kentucky Advocate
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)Names only. LCJ (X - no mention). Check Kentucky Gazette (S 83-001r6) ( ) Recheck Leader ( )
2/12/1907 (*)
Kentucky at Central University23 - 25 OTKentucky Advocate, Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)Leader ( X - has names but no pts ), Herald (X- names only); Messenger ( )? Advocate lists Free throws and attempts.
1/19/1907 (*)
Georgetown College at Kentucky16 - 15Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and Georgetown Times
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)No points. Names only. Check Georgetown Times S 264 ( X )
2/16/1906 (*)
Kentucky at Cincinnati9 - 38Cincinnati Enquirer, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Commercial Tribune
(NP) (GA)(Officials) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)The score in the Enquirer is 48-6, however the UCinn media guide says 38-9. Also there is mention of another game between Cinn YMCA and Kentucky State University. 1906 Kentuckian claims UK played Cinn. YMCA on the 15th and Christ Church on 16th. Media guide claims UK played Christ Church on 15th and Cinn. on 16th. Check alternative Cinn paper Post (S-365) ( X ) Times-Star (S-613) ( X - not available WTY ) Cincinnati Tribune (X - not mentioned) LOC # 1400; or other ( ) along with Leader ( X - not mentioned until after trip, claims was vs. Cinn. YMCA )
2/15/1906 (*)
Kentucky at Christ Church Cincinnati17 - 54-(NP) (GA)(Boxscore) (Officials) (Opp Coach) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Boxscore)No box. Couldn't find in Cinn Enquirer. Check alternative Cinn paper Post (S-365) (X) Times-Star (S-613) (X - not available WTY ); Cincinnati Tribune( X-not found) LOC #1400; Leader (X - not mentioned until after trip) Other ( ) ( ); 1906 Kentuckian claims UK played Cinn. YMCA that day.
2/14/1906 (*)
Kentucky at Moores Hill32 - 11-(NP) (GA)(Boxscore) (Officials) (Opp Coach) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Boxscore)No box. Check Southern Indiana newspaper. No mention in Richmond Evening Item (X) Try college archives. Leader (X - not mentioned until after trip)
2/13/1906 (*)
Kentucky at North Vernon24 - 14-(NP) (GA)(Boxscore) (Officials) (Opp Coach) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Arena) (Boxscore)No box. Check Southern Indiana newspaper. ( ) Need to locate college/school. Check Leader (X - not mentioned until after trip. Confirms was substitute game after wreck on the B&O S.W. Gives score as 24-14. ) Herald (X)
2/12/1906 (*)
Kentucky at New Albany YMCA12 - 29-(NP) (GA)(Boxscore) (Officials) (Opp Coach) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Boxscore)No box. Have info from New Albany Daily Ledger but not box. Check Southern Indiana or Louisville newspaper. Courier Journal (X - not found ) LOC# 1158; Louisville Herald ( ) (U of L library); Lex Herald (X - not mentioned ) Lex. Leader (X - not mentioned until after trip ) Others ( ) :
2/9/1906 (*)
Georgetown College at Kentucky22 - 28Lexington Leader, Georgetown Times and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)(Officials) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)Boxscore not present. Took partial names from story. Check Herald (X ) , Gazette (S-008 - not sure if have holdings at this date) or Georgetown Times (S-264) (X)
1/26/1906 (*)
Kentucky at Central University17 - 15Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Half Score) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)Names only. Check Herald ( X ) or Gazette ( ) or Danville Kentucky Advocate (S-574) ( X ), Danville News (S-601) ( X- Doesn't mention )
1/19/1906 (*)
Central University at Kentucky15 - 14Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA) (Attendance) (Box Names Only) (Pts) (FG) (FT)Names only. Check Herald (X) or Gazette or Danville paper. Kentucky Advocate (S-574) ( X ) Danville News (S-601) (X has game preview on Friday 19-JAN but next paper in is 23-JAN and doesn't mention game. )

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