Kentucky Leaders in
Field Goal Percentage by Season
- Junior -

Minimum Value: 55% Records Kept Since: 1947 Minimum Attempts: 25

Field Goal
Field Goal
1Marcus Lee2015-1610215068
2Marquis Estill2001-0211117762.71
3Melvin Turpin1982-8319231161.74
4Nazr Mohammed1997-9819031859.75
5Randolph Morris2006-0720234259.06
6Rodney Dent1992-939616657.83
7Jim Andrews1971-7223640957.7
8Patrick Patterson2009-1021537457.49
9Rick Robey1976-7715827657.25
10Willie Cauley-Stein2014-1513523657.2
11Billy Ray Cassady1956-57244257.14
12Erik Daniels2002-0313623956.9
13Andre Riddick1993-9411720756.52
13Robert Lock1986-879116156.52
15Chuck Verderber1980-81549656.25
15Shagari Alleyne2005-06183256.25
17Charles Hurt1981-827012556
17Tim Stephens1978-79142556
19Kenny Walker1984-8524644055.91
20Cliff Berger1966-679817655.68
21James Lee1976-7710819455.67
22Bob Guyette1973-7413824855.65
23Richard Madison1986-8710919755.33
24Mike Phillips1976-7714426155.17

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