Kentucky's Opponent Game Leaders in NCAA Tournament 3pt Field Goal Percentage

Minimum Number: 50 Minimum Attempts: 5 Records Kept Since: 1987

#NameDateGameScore3pt Field
3pt Field Goal
3pt Field Goal
1Brandon Rush3/18/2007Kentucky vs. Kansas76 - 886785.71
2Shannon Brown3/27/2005Kentucky vs. Michigan State88 - 94 2 OT5683.33
3Kirk Penney3/27/2003Kentucky vs. Wisconsin63 - 575771.43
4Dean Oliver3/17/2001Kentucky vs. Iowa92 - 796966.67
4David Bluthenthal3/22/2001Kentucky vs. Southern California76 - 806966.67
6Arthur Lee3/28/1998Kentucky vs. Stanford86 - 85 OT5862.5
6Steve Novak3/29/2003Kentucky vs. Marquette69 - 835862.5
6Xavier Sneed3/22/2018Kentucky vs. Kansas State58 - 615862.5
9Tyler Brown3/13/1998Kentucky vs. South Carolina State82 - 6761060
10Eric Channing3/12/1999Kentucky vs. New Mexico State82 - 605955.56
11Jon Axel Gudmundsson3/15/2018Kentucky vs. Davidson78 - 7361154.55
12Bobby Hurley3/28/1992Kentucky vs. Duke103 - 104 OT51050

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