Xavier at Kentucky

- Monday, February 8 1943 -

Xavier - 36 (Head Coach: Clem Crowe)
Chester Mutryn0162332
Mel Heywood341337
Stan Ense4121419
Robert Mulligan391427
Harry Trainor010010
John O'Hara31458311
Tom Barry010000

Kentucky - 48 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Milt Ticco51903210
Mulford Davis3171437
Melvin Brewer51801310
Clyde Parker051231
Ken Rollins2102346
Marvin Akers2121105
Paul Noel261105
Jim Weber120032
Bill Barlow020000
Tom Moseley110012
Carl Althaus000000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 20, Xavier 16
Officials: Referee - Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and Umpire - John Showalter (Georgetown)
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald, Xavier University and Lexington Leader

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Kentucky's Muff Davis (#4) fights his own teammate Mel Brewer (#15) for the ball while Xavier's Harry Trainer (#32) and Stan Ense (#35) try to get in on the action

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