Statistics for 1949-50

Bill Spivey3022561936.3512817672.739357819.27
Jim Line3015536942.018412268.859239413.13
Walter Hirsch3012745328.04437160.561032979.9
Bobby Watson308426931.23599065.56482277.57
Shelby Linville144413931.65152755.56261037.36
Dale Barnstable307126426.89376061.67741795.97
Lucian Whitaker2938-?335164.71451093.76
Guy Strong17255545.454944.4420543.18
Leonard Pearson25279030213953.8544753
Read Morgan762524111009131.86
Roger Day303044100341.33
Garland Townes1762128.57101662.516221.29
Walter Whittaker52-?24501061.2
Roger Layne1051827.781110016111.1
Arlan King1051241.67111003111.1
C. M. Newton42825000241

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