Kentucky's Opponent Game Leaders in SEC Tournament Field Goal Percentage

Minimum Number: 75 Minimum Attempts: 5 Records Kept Since: 1947

Field Goal
Field Goal
1Dametri Hill3/13/1994Kentucky vs. Florida73 - 6066100
2Jon Nordin3/9/1997Kentucky vs. Georgia95 - 6855100
2Chris Daniels3/12/2004Kentucky vs. Georgia69 - 6055100
4Robert Scott3/1/1979Kentucky vs. Alabama101 - 100101190.91
5Wayne Sims3/12/1988Kentucky vs. Louisiana State86 - 806785.71
6Dan Williams3/8/1996Kentucky vs. Florida100 - 765683.33
6Randall Leath3/7/1985Kentucky vs. Florida55 - 585683.33
8Eric Stringer2/28/1980Kentucky vs. Auburn69 - 617977.78
8Rolando Howell3/9/2001Kentucky vs. South Carolina78 - 657977.78
10Curtis Ritchwood3/6/1986Kentucky vs. Mississippi95 - 6991275
10Erik Murphy3/10/2012Kentucky vs. Florida74 - 7191275
12LeRon Williams3/8/1998Kentucky vs. South Carolina86 - 566875
12Marlon Towns3/9/1996Kentucky vs. Arkansas95 - 756875
12Jermey Parnell3/9/2006Kentucky vs. Mississippi71 - 576875

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