Kentucky Leaders in Field Goals by Season

Minimum Number: 200 Records Kept Since: 1947

#NameSeasonGamesField Goals
1Dan Issel1969-7028369
2Kevin Grevey1974-7531303
3Ron Mercer1996-9740297
4Dan Issel1968-6928285
5Jamal Mashburn1991-9236279
6Pat Riley1965-6629265
7Cliff Hagan1951-5232264
8Jodie Meeks2008-0936263
9Kenny Walker1985-8636260
10Alex Groza1948-4934259
10Jamal Mashburn1992-9334259
12Bill Spivey1950-5133252
13Malik Monk2016-1738251
14Louie Dampier1965-6629249
15Cotton Nash1963-6427248
16Kenny Walker1984-8531246
17Jamal Murray2015-1636244
18Jim Andrews1972-7328243
18Jack Givens1975-7630243
20Patrick Patterson2008-0934240
21Jack Givens1977-7832238
22Jim Andrews1971-7228236
22Kevin Grevey1972-7328236
22Jack Givens1976-7730236
25Cliff Hagan1953-5425234
26Kevin Grevey1973-7425232
27Mike Casey1967-6827231
27Rex Chapman1987-8832231
29Tony Delk1995-9636229
30Mike Casey1968-6928228
30Antoine Walker1995-9636228
32Bill Spivey1949-5030225
33Melvin Turpin1983-8434224
34Cotton Nash1961-6226221
35Louie Dampier1966-6726219
35Mike Pratt1969-7028219
37Kyle Macy1979-8035218
38Brandon Knight2010-1138217
39Patrick Patterson2009-1038215
40Ted Deeken1963-6426214
40De'Aaron Fox2016-1736214
42Keith Bogans2000-0134210
42Anthony Davis2011-1240210
44Tom Parker1970-7128209
45Bob Burrow1955-5625207
45Tony Delk1994-9533207
45Tayshaun Prince2000-0134207
48Tayshaun Prince2001-0232206
48DeMarcus Cousins2009-1038206
48Terrence Jones2010-1138206
51Larry Pursiful1961-6226204
52Tom Parker1971-7227203
52Johnny Cox1956-5728203
54Randolph Morris2006-0734202
54John Wall2009-1037202
56Erik Daniels2003-0432201
57LeRon Ellis1988-8932200
57Tony Delk1993-9434200
57Alex Groza1947-4839200

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