Versatility Index
(By Career)

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Reb + BS
Versatility Index
Cotton Nash37822.72.612.38.94
John Wall13716.
Jamal Mashburn39818.
Chris Mills13214.
Anthony Davis14014.22.6158.21
Nerlens Noel12410.53.713.88.1
Mike Pratt38116.
Cliff Hagan37719.21.913.47.89
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander13714.
De'Aaron Fox13616.
Mike Casey38218.
Dan Issel38325.81.2137.34
Terrence Jones276142.79.87.17
Brandon Knight13817.
DeMarcus Cousins13815.1211.67.03
Patrick Patterson39716.
Jamal Murray136203.25.57.02
Frank Ramsey39114.81.911.46.87
Julius Randle140151.911.26.86
Jim Andrews38016.
Tom Parker38015.
Pat Riley38018.328.46.74
Rajon Rondo2689.
Antoine Walker26911.73.576.58
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist14011.
Isaiah Briscoe27010.
Sam Bowie39613.41.911.16.53
Rex Chapman26117.
Kevin Grevey38421.
Archie Goodwin13314.
Kenny Walker413215.
Chuck Hayes413493.47.76.21
Tayshaun Prince413513.
Larry Conley38111.
Bill Spivey26319.31.396.06
Kyle Macy39814.
John Pelphrey4114114.44.66.04
Reggie Hanson410111.
Derek Anderson25512.
Keith Bogans413514.
Rodrick Rhodes39912.
Kevin Knox13715.
Larry Steele37510.
Malik Monk13819.83.235.78
Scott Padgett412210.
Jack Givens412316.
Ron Mercer27613.
Edrice Adebayo138131.59.55.73
Tyler Ulis27211.
Heshimu Evans27610.
Tony Delk413314.
Louie Dampier38019.
Eric Bledsoe13711.
P.J. Washington13710.
Marquis Teague140105.72.85.43
James Young14014.
Dirk Minniefield41238.
Sean Woods3918.
Jimmy Dan Conner38511.93.145.3
Ed Davender412912.
Walter McCarty31039.
Rick Robey410513.31.485.28
Karl-Anthony Towns13910.
Randolph Morris38912.
Gerald Fitch41271134.35.22
Mike Flynn3859.
Winston Bennett413310.
Andrew Harrison27910.
Jared Prickett514373.25.95.1
Willie Cauley-Stein3105828.55.1
Jodie Meeks38115.
LeRon Ellis26010.
Melvin Turpin412312.
Deron Feldhaus41249.
Mark Pope2697.
Travis Ford31009.
Ramel Bradley412810.43.434.74
Ryan Harrow1299.93.634.71
Wayne Turner41517.
Ted Deeken36411.
Aaron Harrison27912.42.734.65
Tom Payne12816.9.610.14.6
Patrick Sparks26910.
Tommy Kron3799.
Dwight Anderson24012.
Erik Daniels41278.
Julius Mays1339.
Cliff Hawkins41266.
Darius Miller41528.
Joe Crawford412711.323.64.31
Hamidou Diallo13710244.3
Eric Manuel1327.
Trey Lyles1368.
Anthony Epps41416.
Thad Jaracz38212.87.64.23
Nazr Mohammed3948.
Larry Johnson41127.
Dale Brown2698.233.14.21
Jarred Vanderbilt1145.
Derrick Hord41249.823.64.15
Kelenna Azubuike397101.744.13
Scotty Baesler3648.
Doron Lamb27813.
Derrick Jasper35443.54.74.05
Marquis Estill31009.

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