Missing Official's Photographs

Note: This list officials who either are fairly well known or who have worked a number of Kentucky games but a photo if missing. Any help is appreciated in locating a suitable photograph along with any additional biographical information.

OfficialGoogle LinkFirst
Dalton WilliamsLink12/2/193812/9/1944
Jack TravnicekLink2/18/19282/3/1940
Edward GoldeLink2/21/19142/22/1916
Fred HuietLink12/22/196412/2/1968
W.F. McCarthyLink2/27/19672/17/1969
W.E. BrownLink1/17/19142/22/1916
William KingzettLink12/2/197212/30/1972
Larry LoweLink12/18/19823/1/1984
James MillsLink3/14/19583/15/1958
Ray MockLink12/30/194612/28/1956
Lee RichardsLink1/26/19522/16/1952
William RobbLink2/6/19032/18/1903
Bob StuvekLink11/26/198811/28/1988
James BarclayLink2/5/19452/5/1945
Joseph DaviesLink2/3/19372/3/1937
Allen FraserLink1/22/19451/22/1945
Carroll KiteLink3/16/19853/16/1985
Wright McCallipLink2/9/19112/9/1911
J.W. PageLink2/10/19112/10/1911
Sam PecoraroLink2/20/19432/20/1943
Malcolm RaworthLink1/27/19091/27/1909
Gayle RobinsonLink12/23/194212/23/1942
J.B. SpearmanLink1/18/19431/18/1943

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