Missing Official's Photographs

Note: This list officials who either are fairly well known or who have worked a number of Kentucky games but a photo if missing. Any help is appreciated in locating a suitable photograph along with any additional biographical information.

OfficialGoogle LinkFirst
Bob MasonLink12/9/19642/19/1968
Bill BaileyLink1/2/19622/8/1965
Bob CollinsLink2/26/19722/9/1974
Pete MeltonLink2/19/19401/20/1948
Frank OursoLink12/1/19872/9/1991
K.C. HallLink1/26/19701/20/1973
George WoodLink3/1/19302/28/1933
Jim CroweLink2/8/194712/22/1954
Whitey KendallLink1/31/19582/22/1958
Melvin KinslowLink1/19/19742/16/1974
Dalton WilliamsLink12/2/193812/9/1944
Richard BetzLink12/1/19561/30/1957
Joel EavesLink1/21/19471/21/1947
Sam GlassmanLink1/22/19271/20/1941
W.E. BrownLink1/17/19142/22/1916
Milton FidgeonLink12/17/196012/18/1961
Tom GreenLink12/7/19401/4/1947
Ab HinshawLink12/18/194012/19/1940
Efflo KingLink1/27/19121/31/1919
Nate MessengerLink1/23/194312/9/1950
John MorrowLink12/10/195612/13/1958
James ParkLink1/22/19202/17/1920
Craig PetersonLink11/27/198511/26/2002
E.H. RaynerLink3/3/19113/3/1911
William RobbLink2/6/19032/18/1903
Harry SchwabLink1/14/19362/19/1946
Henry ShanklinLink2/7/19142/7/1914
B.I. SusongLink2/5/19152/6/1915
George TinsleyLink1/23/19152/13/1915
Jack TravnicekLink2/18/19282/3/1940

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