Michigan State at Kentucky

- Monday, January 27 1947 -

Michigan State - 36 (Head Coach: Benjamin Van Alstyne)
Robin Roberts (*)625014
Bob Geshan02322
Jack Wulf20334
Oliver White11143
Donal Waldron11233
John Cawood21325
Matthew Mazza00000
Fred Stone00000
Robert Robbins20004
Hugh Dawson01121
David Lumsden00310

Kentucky - 86 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Joe Holland10112
Jack Tingle20114
Alex Groza433111
Ralph Beard522212
Ken Rollins03323
Wallace Jones511111
James Jordan20004
Jim Line40008
Bob Brannum702414
J. Ed Parker03313
Cliff Barker00100
Mulford Davis30026
Dale Barnstable21115
Albert Cummins10012
Kenton Campbell00010
Malcolm McMullen01111

Halftime Score: Kentucky 50, Michigan State 11
Officials: Hickman Duncan and Chip Cain
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and Michigan State University

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Kentucky guard "Jimmy" Jordan (#30) shoots backwards toward the goal in what was called the "shot of the night". Watching the flight of the ball (not shown) is Michigan State's Bob Geahan (#18) and Kentucky's Bob Brannum (#20)

An unknown UK player flies to the basket while being trailed by Ralph Beard (#12) and Kenny Rollins (#26)

Michigan State's (#15) tries to keep inbounds while hounded by UK's Cliff Barker (#23) and others.

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