Florida at Kentucky

- Monday, January 3 1927 -

Florida - 36 (Head Coach: Brady Cowell)
Ion Walker534313
Red Smith435311
Joe Kiracofe12244
Joe Letzkus21315
C. French00110
Manning Millman10002
E. Felson00020

Kentucky - 44 (Head Coach: Basil Hayden)
Edwin Knadler547414
Frank Phipps00110
Van Buren Ropke444312
Paul Jenkins3611112
Claire Dees00010
C. Foster Helm22316
Bill Heizer00010

Halftime Score: Florida 18, Kentucky 14
Officials: Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and University of Florida

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Game Writeup - by Frank K. Hoover, Lexington Herald

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