Kentucky vs. Iona

- Sunday, December 2 1979 -

Great Alaska Shootout (at Anchorage, AK)

Kentucky - 57 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Preseason Ranked 2nd by AP]
Fred Cowan1814136303
Lavon Williams4025002204
Sam Bowie2816228404
Dwight Anderson346130101212
Kyle Macy287121142215
Derrick Hord2033121007
Charles Hurt713002102
Chuck Verderber714000002
Dirk Minniefield711220114
Jay Shidler1124002214

Iona - 50 (Head Coach: Jim Valvano) - [Preseason Unranked by AP]
Mike Palma2925007234
Alex Middleton3927015304
Jeff Ruland (*)406162382114
Kevin Hamilton406100032112
Glenn Vickers405106733316
Kevin Vesey701000000
Glenn McMillan400000000
Jeff Williams100001300

Halftime Score: Iona 33, Kentucky 29
Attendance: 3750
Arena: Buckner Fieldhouse
References: Lexington Leader, Iona College, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald

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Lavon Williams (#52) rebounds in front of Iona's Jeff Ruland (#43)

Chuck Verderber battles Iona's Ken Vesey for a rebound

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