Kentucky at Georgia Tech

- Monday, January 19 1948 -

Kentucky - 71 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Cliff Barker623514
Wallace Jones20224
Alex Groza41139
Ralph Beard646216
Ken Rollins433311
Jim Line30106
James Jordan00000
Joe Holland10212
Jack Parkinson11113
Dale Barnstable30046

Georgia Tech - 56 (Head Coach: Roy McArthur)
Marvin Keener15647
Melvin Dold544214
Jim Nolan524312
J.C. Anderson756219
Michael Sermersheim12534

Halftime Score: Kentucky 38, Georgia Tech 31
Officials: Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
Arena: Heisman Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and Georgia Institute of Technology

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Tennessee 65 - 54|Georgia 88 - 51

Michael Sermersheim looks for an opening while hounded by Jack Parkinson and #37 (Joe Holland ?)

Ralph Beard shoots over Jacket defenders Colin Anderson and Mickey Sermersheim

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