Cincinnati at Kentucky

- Saturday, February 8 1913 -

Cincinnati - 18 (Head Coach: Russell Easton)
Adolph Davis102
Herbert Goosman102
John Stewart3612
Ralph Flohr000
Abraham Holtzberg102
Russell Witte000

Kentucky - 20 (Head Coach: John Tigert)
Brinkley Barnett168
Henry Farmer306
William Tuttle102
Herschel Scott000
R. C. Preston204

Halftime Score: State University 14, Cincinnati 9
Officials: Referee - Golden and Umpire - Eugene King
Arena: Buell Armory Gymnasium
References: Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati, The Idea and Lexington Herald
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Game Writeup - by Roy Thomas, Lexington Leader

Game Writeup - Lexington Herald

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