Kentucky's Opponent Game Leaders in SEC Tournament Blocked Shots

Minimum Number: 3 Records Kept Since: 1979

1Jarvis Varnado3/14/2010Kentucky vs. Mississippi State75 - 74 OT5
2Erick Dampier3/10/1996Kentucky vs. Mississippi State73 - 844
2Darnell Robinson3/9/1996Kentucky vs. Arkansas95 - 754
2Tony Kitchings3/8/2002Kentucky vs. South Carolina57 - 704
5Robert Horry3/15/1992Kentucky vs. Alabama80 - 543
5Pat Burke3/10/1995Kentucky vs. Auburn93 - 813
5Landis Williams3/9/1996Kentucky vs. Arkansas95 - 753
5Terry Williams3/11/1983Kentucky vs. Alabama64 - 693
5Bobby Lee Hurt3/6/1982Kentucky vs. Alabama46 - 483
5Glen Davis3/12/2005Kentucky vs. Louisiana State79 - 78 OT3
5Charles Rhodes3/9/2007Kentucky vs. Mississippi State82 - 84 OT3
5Justin Hamilton3/9/2012Kentucky vs. Louisiana State60 - 513
5Patric Young3/16/2014Kentucky vs. Florida60 - 613
5Daniel Giddens3/10/2018Kentucky vs. Alabama86 - 633

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