Left-Handed Kentucky Players

PlayerLast Year
Jarred Vanderbilt2017-18
De'Aaron Fox2016-17
Sam Malone2014-15
Jarrod Polson2013-14
Julius Randle2013-14
James Young2013-14
Twany Beckham2012-13
Terrence Jones2011-12
Rekalin Sims2005-06
Erik Daniels2003-04
Cliff Hawkins2003-04
Tayshaun Prince2001-02
Heshimu Evans1998-99
Henry Thomas1990-91
Todd Ziegler1985-86
Tim Stephens1978-79
Jack Givens1977-78
James Lee1977-78
Reggie Warford1975-76
Kevin Grevey1974-75
Rick Drewitz1973-74
Tom Parker1971-72
Art Laib1969-70
Randy Pool1969-70
Thad Jaracz1967-68
Mickey Gibson1963-64
Billy Ray Cassady1957-58
Phil Grawemeyer1955-56
Walter Hirsch1950-51
Jim Line1949-50
Wilbur Schu1945-46
Ernie Jefferson1938-39
Leroy Edwards1934-35
Ercel Little1931-32

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