Kentucky vs. Georgia

- Monday, February 27 1956 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 143 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 8th by AP]
Jerry Bird1023122
Phil Grawemeyer533213
John Brewer20114
Phil Johnson33409
Bill Smith422210
Ray Mills500210
Bob Burrow856321
Ed Beck32318
Vernon Hatton22216
Gerry Calvert32418
Billy Ray Cassady800216
Harold Ross32228
Lincoln Collinsworth00020
John Crigler40008

Georgia - 66 (Head Coach: Red Lawson) - [Unranked]
George Bell30146
Ray Allen513211
Bill Hearn00000
Curtis Gleaton30056
Horace Knight00000
Henry Cabiness8712323
Don Hartsfield347010
Elliott Hester01111
Morris Dinwiddie33539

Halftime Score: Kentucky 75, Georgia 32
Officials: George Conley and Clyde Castle
Attendance: 5000
Arena: Jefferson County Armory
References: Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Lexington Herald and University of Georgia

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Bob Burrow (#50) shoots while Vernon Hatton (#40) races to follow the shot and Gerry Calvert (#10) looks on

Georgia's Curtis Gleaton (#21) and Bob Burrow (#50) track down a loose ball while Jerry Bird, John Brewer and Georgia's Henry Cabaniss look on

Bob Burrow (#50) breaks up a play between Georgia's George Bell (#16) and Henry Cabaniss

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