Kentucky at Vanderbilt

- Friday, February 2 1934 -

Kentucky - 48 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Jack Tucker30026
Dave Lawrence11103
Crittenden Blair01101
Evan Settle00000
Herbert Jerome11143
Garland Lewis22316
John DeMoisey511311
Bill Davis705114
Milerd Anderson01101
Bob Taylor10002
Sam Potter01101

Vanderbilt - 26 (Head Coach: Josh Cody)
Rand Dixon00000
Harold "Skinny" Huggins40018
Bobby Oliver01221
Pete Curley10232
Pete Keene00000
Willie Geny12624
Matt Carloss02312
Jim Scoggins31116
Ken Overly00000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 22, Vanderbilt 9
Officials: Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati)
Attendance: 2000
Arena: Hippodrome
References: Lexington Herald, Vanderbilt University and Nashville Tennessean

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