Kentucky vs. Tulane

- Friday, February 25 1921 -

SIAA Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)

Kentucky - 50 (Head Coach: George C. Buchheit)
Basil Hayden17
William King13
Paul Adkins18
Bob Lavin2
Sam Ridgway0
James Wilhelm0
Gilbert Smith0

Tulane - 28 (Head Coach: Claude Simons Sr.)
Bryan Lantrip12
Pratt Martin10
Albert Wachenheim0
Walter Gill2
Leonard Dahlman0
Joseph Cohen4
Arthur Wilbur0

Halftime Score: Kentucky 30, Tulane 16
Officials: Referee - Dave Yates and Umpire - Stanley Sutton
Arena: Atlanta Municipal Auditorium
References: Lexington Herald, Tulane University, Kentucky Kernel and Atlanta Georgian

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Game Writeup - by Ed Danforth, Lexington Herald

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