J.B. Caldwell
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 27 | Overall UK Losses: 8 | Win % 77.1 |
Hometown: DeLand, FL

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
2/1/1997Georgia at KentuckyW82 - 572225362800NoneKerry Sitton, Olandis Poole and J.B. Caldwell
2/16/2000Alabama at KentuckyW66 - 54131381001NoneJim Burr, John Cahill and J.B. Caldwell
1/10/2001South Carolina at KentuckyW69 - 631814112300NoneAndre Pattillo, Michael Kitts and J.B. Caldwell
2/17/2001Kentucky at VanderbiltW79 - 742325292201Vanderbilt benchCurtis Shaw, Tom Eades and J.B. Caldwell
2/28/2001Auburn at KentuckyW90 - 781922302300NoneDoug Shows, J.B. Caldwell and Ed Corbett
1/2/2002Kentucky vs. TulaneW101 - 671313101601NoneJohn Clougherty, J.B. Caldwell and Mike Thibodeaux
2/27/2002Kentucky at VanderbiltL73 - 861919272221NoneCurtis Shaw, Olandis Poole and J.B. Caldwell
2/8/2003Kentucky at MississippiW80 - 621714131901NoneBruce Benedict, J.B. Caldwell and Tom Eades
2/19/2003Kentucky at ArkansasW66 - 501721251500NoneAndre Pattillo, Larry Rose and J.B. Caldwell
2/29/2004Kentucky at Louisiana StateW70 - 641818211700NoneJohn Clougherty, Doug Shows and J.B. Caldwell
12/18/2004Kentucky at LouisvilleW60 - 581113141100NoneGerald Boudreaux, J.B. Caldwell and Mike Thibodeaux
12/30/2005Kentucky vs. OhioW71 - 631718161801NoneDoug Shows, Rick Crawford and J.B. Caldwell
1/7/2006Kentucky at KansasL46 - 731721211900NoneGerald Boudreaux, Tom Eades and J.B. Caldwell
1/14/2006Alabama at KentuckyL64 - 682017122300NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Rick Crawford and Mike Nance
2/1/2006Kentucky at Mississippi StateW81 - 661816132300NoneMike Stuart, Rick Crawford and J.B. Caldwell
2/15/2006Georgia at KentuckyW68 - 611515111300NoneMike Stuart, Doug Sirmons and J.B. Caldwell
1/13/2007Mississippi State at KentuckyW64 - 60121619300NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Rick Crawford and Mike Eades
2/3/2007Kentucky at ArkansasW82 - 741019221101NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Anthony Jordan and Mike Nance
2/25/2007Kentucky at VanderbiltL65 - 671815111300NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Rick Crawford and Mike Nance
2/28/2007Georgia at KentuckyW82 - 701315131100NoneTed Valentine, J.B. Caldwell and Pat Adams
3/9/2007Kentucky vs. Mississippi StateL82 - 84 OT2426303003NoneMike Stuart, J.B. Caldwell and Mike Nance
1/22/2008Tennessee at KentuckyW72 - 661924282100NoneTim Higgins, Ed Corbett and J.B. Caldwell
2/2/2008Kentucky at GeorgiaW63 - 581417171200NoneTed Valentine, J.B. Caldwell and Antinio Petty
3/2/2008Kentucky at TennesseeL60 - 631916192200NoneDoug Shows, Anthony Jordan and J.B. Caldwell
1/27/2009Kentucky at MississippiL80 - 852221292801NoneMike Stuart, J.B. Caldwell and Mark Whitehead
3/4/2009Georgia at KentuckyL85 - 902421283010NoneJohn Cahill, J.B. Caldwell and Doug Sirmons
3/12/2009Kentucky vs. MississippiW71 - 581518181401NoneMike Stuart, Doug Sirmons and J.B. Caldwell
11/16/2009Miami (OH) at KentuckyW72 - 701422241200NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Pat Adams and Antinio Petty
1/16/2010Kentucky at AuburnW72 - 671321351400NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Joe Lindsay and Lee Cassell
3/3/2010Kentucky at GeorgiaW80 - 681312121400NoneMike Stuart, J.B. Caldwell and Michael Stephens
1/15/2011Louisiana State at KentuckyW82 - 441317181201NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Bert Smith and Bruce Benedict
2/19/2011South Carolina at KentuckyW90 - 591320271400NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Antinio Petty and Pat Adams
11/11/2011Marist at KentuckyW108 - 581815152300NoneJ.B. Caldwell, James Barker and Kevin Scott
12/28/2011Lamar at KentuckyW86 - 641321331500NoneJ.B. Caldwell, Terry Moore and Brian Shey
1/28/2012Kentucky at Louisiana StateW74 - 501218261102None (LSU Malcolm White ejected for flagrant breakaway foul against Anthony Davis)J.B. Caldwell, Pat Adams and Bruce Benedict

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