Texas A & M at Kentucky

- Tuesday, December 30 1941 -

Texas A & M - 29 (Head Coach: Marty Karow)
Raymond Jarratt281415
R.B. Bayer020120
Pete Watkins000010
Mike Cokinos1120122
Leland Huffman1190002
Ray Klutz150102
William Underwood370006
Charles Stevenson050000
Jamie Dawson001201
Leslie Peden160222
Fred Nabors245629
James Crouch010110

Kentucky - 49 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Waller White160012
Vincent Splane162504
James King273327
Marvin Akers72000114
Carl Staker050030
Ermal Allen242236
Melvin Brewer040230
Milt Ticco2100004
Kenneth England252206
Ed Lander120012
Frank Etscorn120022
Adrian Back030000
Bruce Boehler110012
Lloyd Ramsey000000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 22, Texas A & M 14
Officials: Referee - Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Umpire - Fred Koster (Louisville)
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald, Texas A&M Media Guide and Lexington Leader

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Jim King (#5) and Waller White (#19) jump against an unidentified Texas A&M player for the ball. Looking on are A&M's Nick Kokinos (#16) and Vincent Splane

Waller White (#19) and Texas A&M's Leland Huffman (#35) battle for the ball

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