Georgia Tech at Kentucky

- Monday, February 17 1941 -

Georgia Tech - 41 (Head Coach: Roy Mundorff)
William "Boneyard" Johnson01121
Bill Blackwell32428
Jimmy Hearn422210
Carlton Lewis378213
Charlie Burroughs00000
Dave Crosby24538
T.E. "Buck" Stevens01311
William Stein00000
Tommy Anderson00010

Kentucky - 60 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Ermal Allen30006
Lloyd Ramsey21125
Melvin Brewer10112
Carl Staker555215
Marvin Akers22246
James King534013
Milt Ticco10012
Lee Huber01121
Keith Farnsley41339
Kenneth England00020
Waller White01121
Carl Combs00000
Frank Etscorn00000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 27, Georgia Tech 22
Technical Fouls: Stevens for objecting to a foul
Officials: Dan Tehan and Winton Moeller
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and Georgia Institute of Technology

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